fredag 15 mars 2013

The death of MP3

I read Gilads (LINN HiFi MD) last two letters/interviews regarding the death of MP3. One of which was in an interview with Metro.

Apparently He got some heavy handed negative feedback about forecasting the death of MP3. WHY?

I assume that came from 'industry' people with commercial interest (? for Gilad if you are reading) because I don't know any private person whom 'loves their MP3s'.

That's the thing about the digital file ... you don't feel ownership ... it doesn't really exist? WIMP, SPOTIFY, QUODO ... it's all going 16 BIT (CD quality). Even the Studio masters I have which I have spent over 2000 uk on don't feel like anything ... just a file ...

... MP3 is dead ... gone ... eliminated ... finito .. by bye ... who cares? Do you?


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