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LINN launch k200 speaker cable

New K200 speaker cable
Our speaker cable offering is being updated with the removal of K400 and the addition of K200 cable.

K200 is a high quality, low-loss 2-core cable with a flexible and compact casing. This makes it very easy to work with during installation, even  when using two runs of cables in a bi-wired system.

370 sek/m


Here’s a new talking point for audiophiles and flannel-wearers at the water cooler: Vinyl sales generate more money for the music industry than YouTube, ad-based Spotify, and VEVO combined, according to a new report by the RIAA. And it’s not just by a little.

While the on-demand, ad-based, music services are generating more money than ever — $163 million in the first half this year as opposed to $128 million last — vinyl sales, at $222 million, have those numbers soundly beat. RelatedWith 15 million subscribers, Apple Music is on the fast track to success The once-antiquated format now accounts for almost a third of physical music sales. With purchases of Vinyl up 52 percent from this time last year, no other format is growing at such a rapid rate. In fact, CD sales are down by almost a third year over year, with fewer and fewer people interested in digital music outside of streaming services or downloaded material.
In a pop-culture world dominated by streaming and pick-and-choose music…