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Music Evening Wednesday 31 Augusti

This coming Wednesday, me and my friend Martin Peoples, from Peoples & Schmidt LINN Store in Gothenburg, will do a sneek preview thing of an event we hope will become a local institution - a social music listening gathering.It's still a bit of a work in progress regarding the format, but we want to invite interesting people to talk about their records and play them to us and other interested people.The name Klanger & Spår (unofficial name for now) comes from a poem by poet Tomas Tranströmer, and what we want to project with that is that although we'll be totally nerding out about setting up an amazing sound-system for guests to enjoy, the point is to deliver a poetic sound experience that goes beyond good or bad sound.I'm going to select some personal favourite songs for this first event and in the future we want to invite guests to come and talk about some of their favourites and play them to us!


Tillsammans med musikern Christoffer Berg ska…


Today I started on explaining why we work exclusively with LINN HiFi. Please use the 'Why LINN?'' tab above to read more!!

LINN Artists

Playing today 24 Bit studio Master music from:

Carol Kidd

Claire Martin

Maeve O'Boyle

Click artists name above for more information and to listen to samples of music!

Also really cool, check this out. Now displayed in the National Museum of Scotland

Update to our BLOGG with individual product & room pages

Welcome to our new BLOGG pages. Please use the tabs above to discover more about LINN, more about our new boutique on Linnegatan 5, Gothenburg, Sweden and more about us - Peoples & Schmidt.

Please scroll down to read the archive of our progress over the last two years!

Gilad meets Neil Young to discuss 24 Bit

Loving this photo of Gilad (LINN) meeting one of his idols, the one and only Neil Young. When you read the link to Neils own Blogg, it sounds convincing that 24 Bit releases from the majors will be reality soon .... more great quality music for us :)

Click the photo to read more or the following link

Tillbaka från semester!

Det kan inte bli alla som är nöjda att återkommer till jobbet efter en fin sommar men det är jag! Dags att finjustera systemen, snygga till ändå mer i butiken och träffa nya trevliga kunder. Not Bad!
Snälla notera att 4, 5, 6 Augusti vi öppnar från kl 12:30 och stänger på vanliga tider. Ring om du vill besöka oss utanför detta!

Varmt välkomna! Klick på bilder för mer information: