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Music Evening Wednesday 31 Augusti

This coming Wednesday, me and my friend Martin Peoples, from Peoples & Schmidt LINN Store in Gothenburg, will do a sneek preview thing of an event we hope will become a local institution - a social music listening gathering.

It's still a bit of a work in progress regarding the format, but we want to invite interesting people to talk about their records and play them to us and other interested people.

The name Klanger & Spår (unofficial name for now) comes from a poem by poet Tomas Tranströmer, and what we want to project with that is that although we'll be totally nerding out about setting up an amazing sound-system for guests to enjoy, the point is to deliver a poetic sound experience that goes beyond good or bad sound.

I'm going to select some personal favourite songs for this first event and in the future we want to invite guests to come and talk about some of their favourites and play them to us!


Tillsammans med musikern Christoffer Berg ska vi hålla en special musik kväll. Preliminärt namn för kvällen är ''Klanger och Spår".

Eventet ska förhoppningsvis utvecklas till ett månadsevent där specialinbjudna intressanta gäster och Du kan spela upp favoritlåtar på vårt maxade LINN LP12-Klimax-system och dela med sig om varför just den skivan är speciell.

Kvällen kommer INTE handla om LINN och det tekniskt kvalitativa, utan kommer utgå från upplevelsen av inspelad musik.

Kvällens speciella gäst är Alan Williams från LINN i Skottland.

Christoffer Berg är producent, låtskrivare, remixare, musiker och DJ och har jobbat med The Knife, Fever Ray, Freddie Wadling, Massive Attack, Moby, Shakira, Little Dragon, m fl.

Anmäla i förhand om du vill ha en plats till eller ring till mig: 0708 948229. Om du inte få plats på första event du ska stå fram på listen för den nästa!

Varmt välkomna från Christoffer och jag från KL 19:00 på Onsdag 31 augusti! Jag ska köpa i lite bubbel-vatten, lättöl mm och du kan gärna tar med sig! (Vi har dyra snygga mattor så ingen röd vin)!


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My first impression of LINN's NEW Akubarik's

Firstly I am all in favour of compact systems so for me it's a great advantage that they are fully active. Technical information you can get from the designer on the following video link

I can pick a few points about the design. I don't like blue lights ... I'd hoped it would be smaller to fit more of my customers that have smaller rooms and apartments with neighbours. But actualythey look great, very tidy indeed. A good start and very interesting but how do they perform?

The obvious reference systems are Akurate 242 Aktiv with LINN Akurate amps or Klimax 350A's reference speakers.

Straight off the Akurate 242's can't compete on the bottom end. The Akubariks deliver controlled base no matter the volume. Whether the 3k array performs better than on aktive 242, I don't know but it's probably quite similar. It is very good. It's all very good and well balanced. At no point did I experience any issues with frequencies …

LINN have great new features with the new HDMI 2.0 board

With 4K content now available across a range of services, customers can now get great sound to match the high resolution of their screens.
From today every Klimax DSM, Klimax Exakt DSM, Akurate DSM, Akurate Exakt DSM and Majik DSM will ship with our new HDMI 2.0 board, offering full 4K support.

This HDMI board will also support HDR for better dynamic colour range, CEC for interoperability, and ARC to return audio from the television to the DSM.