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Visar inlägg från april, 2014

LINN Exakt Akubarik

Now you can compare the Akubarik DSM system with the 'NEW' Exakt Akubarik system by simply walking between rooms in our amazing shop ... welcome in!! 
We had an event last night with comparrision between the Akurate Akubarik System (approximately 230,000 sek with cables) and the newly launched Exakt Akubarik system which is roughly 50,000 Sek more expensive. The Exakt system has moved the digital streaming into the speaker so there is less loss and noise but also adds more precision to manufacture and a room correction system, which optimises the installtion specific to your environment; otherwise they look identical.
So what we are talking about here is added funtionality and better performance. My personal focus for quite some time now has been with recording music, which has really openned my ''ears'' and understanding of the process from the mike to the speaker. 
An awful lot can go very wrong so I have chosen to focus on notes, timing and information. Get …

Keep an eye on this blogg for details of 'intimate, completely unplugged concert' between 2 & 8 Maj with us.


GOOD HARVEST & MAEVE O'BOYLE -Good Harvest & Maeve O'Boyle in 'Ladan', Bosnäs (Borås) 17 April 6:30 pm - 200 Sek -Good Harvest & Maeve O'Boyle @ 'Peoples & Schmidt', Linnegatan, Gothenburg 18 April 6:30 pm - 150 Sek

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Intensive music days!

It's been a roller-coaster 10 days with music & HiFi.

Marina, Toytownrecords latest signing, literally blew us away with a spontaneous couple of songs in the shop using my new Emerald guitar. She is a pianist & not ''supposed'' to be able to play guitar but 'NOT BAD'!

Stefan, my Thursday night recording companion, set up the rack ... we placed some of our fancy mikes and made a pretty good recording of Marina. Stefan has done a great mix, which was waiting on me this morning & sounds lovely. No tricks but rather just one amazing artist sounding like She sounds ...

Friday & Saturday I was in Copenhagen with LINN HiFi but I'll tell you more about that later in the month. Gordon (producer), Lewis (AKA 'Scope'), Marina and Selsius (our Gothenburg signing) took over my shop. Together with Henryk Lypp Gordon has finally managed to finish the epic Selsius album in our back room. Several tracks over 10 minutes long and with over 50 track…

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Interveiw with Gilad Tiefenbrun, Managing Director of Linn Products

P&S (Martin from Peoples & Schmidt, LINN HiFi boutique, Gothenburg, Sweden): 

GT (Gilad Tiefenbrun, Managing Director of Linn Products)
P&S. Hi Gilad, it was LINN's 40 Birthday celebrations in Glasgow since I last met you and Ivor, are you both well? 

GT: Yes thanks Martin, we're both well. Thanks for asking.
P&S. You are of course LINN Products Managing Director now and I know Ivor, your Father & Founder of the company, has not retired so can you tell me about Ivor's role in the company now.
GT: When I became MD in 2009, my Dad became the Chairman of our Board of Directors. He's not involved in the day-to-day running of the business, but takes a keen interest in its products, its success and its future. From time to time he'll still meet customers; he's running LINN Exakt events in Auckland, New Zealand and Hanoi, Vietnam in April.
P&S. It has been about two years since I last interviewed you on this blogg…