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I'm off to Ireland for a few days ... back 27 Dec

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Merry Xmas!


Our fantastic Renew DS offer for Akurate owners ends soon -  available until 19th February 2013
We’re also re-opening Renew DS orders for Klimax during this limited period, so take advantage before it’s too late.
Renew DS is a special upgrade package that lets you update your system with the latest DS audio performance and turns your old audio board into a second working DS player.


Today's free Xmas 24 Bit track ...

Cool site and some brain twisting music to come...

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Did this happen?

The best Xmas present I have had ... don't tell my Mum!

A huge thanks to AVA-Media for my personalised and pimped maestro-50!

... with one off Orange anodized finish and my name, laser etched onto Maestro-50 amp . It sounds amazing .. I mean amazing ... but how cool does it look?

Available today from Peoples & Schmidt ... in black! 2995 Sek.

** With Majik 109 speakers or better still Majik 140's ... I can honestly say this is one of the best HiFi I have ever heard **Martin Peoples

Like no other product I have heard, can we show off the ''source first'' principle. Even on a pair of 100 Sek second hand 20 year old speakers ... it's amazing! No clock - no jitter!

A nice end to the day ...

A lovely Lady came into our shop and declared She was in a hurry but upon a quick listen, removed her shoes and sat down for a complete demonstration. She then purchased AVA Maestro amp, a pair of White LINN Majik 109 Speakers with stands and an Apple device.

In my opinion She has just purchased one of the best sounding ''high end'' HiFi solutions I have heard with amazing film and music functionality, wirelessly controlled and it was less than 19,000 Sek, supplied with all cables. 

It even looks great ... the parts that are large enough to notice anyway .. 

Another Xmas Cracker ...

Lady Claire Martin was here one year ago and played an amazing 'LIVE' set with 'The Gareth Williams trio' in our shop.

We are extremely pleased to give you a free STUDIO QUALITY download from this fantastic album.


Have you heard The-Sekrit?

- 3 x HDMI inputs, 1 x out - 2 x sub outputs - RC5 accessory port for connection of a Basik 3 - 4 x Cool running and powerful Class D amplifiers capable of being bridged (2 x 50w) or run separately (4 x 30w) for greater flexibility for loudspeaker combinations (see diagram via link) - Useful IR flasher clamping system at the front of the product. No more sticky tape to hold it on!!  - Fits in 1U height in a 19" rack (rack mount kit available)  - Speaker output uses a Neutrik connector (included in box)

Free 24 Bit Downlaod ... a cracker!

I met and watched Emily Barker play LIVE recently in Gothenburg. The good news is she promised to play our shop early in the new year.  

So it is my great delight to introduce this talent with a free 24 Bit Music Download.


Please note ... available only today!

Superstar in the livingroom ...

My good friend Peter from Borås took the opportunity to ask Maeve to play for His kids when She was over with us a few weeks ago. Of course She obliged and even though it was on the sofa and without any warm up ... in typical Maeve style She just went for it full out ...

Recorded with iphone!

Maeve O'Boyle flew yesterday to the USA to do an amazing concert which we will tell you more about at a suitable time.

Best of luck Maeve ... knock em!

Rosie (GoGoBot) probably favourite song ever ...

Home made music video by Alvo Pärt

AVA-Media Digital Amplifier

Here are some pictures of our first delivery of the amazing Maestro-50 from AVA-Media, due to leave the UK Factory to be with us this Thursday/Friday.

This is quite simply the most amazing amplifier I have ever heard! 

Less than 3000 Sek and transforms your living-room into a music studio. The most impressive playback so far is from the old Astrid Lindgren film ''Alla vi barn i Bullerbyn''. What did they use for microphones? The sound is so real ... well it's real!

For the customer, well this is just great news ... for us HiFi boutiques ... well I guess we have to re-think a little ...

''Machined from solid aluminium case, anodised and laser printed. And the sound matches the Engineering''

FREE Music download from LINN

On the day's leading up to Xmas, you can download a free Studio Master track from LINNrecords.

You can do this by clicking on the following link.   PLEASE CLICK HERE

 You may even want to followLINN on facebook.

AVA Zara Premium meets LINN Klimax

Two amazingly beautiful chassis, exactly the same width, respectively machined from single pieces of solid aluminium for the ultimate in performance and shielding.

One box stores your precious music files, bit-perfect rips your CD collection and stays quiet ... the other delivers wonderful sound in time & in tune.

Available now from Peoples & Schmidt

LINN LOUNGE - 'George Harrison'

Many thanks again to the attendees of our first 'LINN LOUNGE' event.

Here are a few pictures from the shop before and during the LINN LOUNGE event.

Hope you can make it to the next one on 13 December!

Warm Welcome // LINN HiFi, Martin & Gustaf

If you would like to read the text from the George Harrison event please click on the ''LINN LOUNGE'' tab above.