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Wonderful multi-zone LINN instalation: ''exclusive apartment Stockholm'

The owner of this amazing apartment appreciates a great music system, loves music but also is very design conscious. The multi-zone system would not only have to perform at the highest level but fit in with some amazing design, art and living spaces. It would also have to deliver a lifestyle, a rather fantastic lifestyle.

As the apartment is often used for entertaining and some fantastic parties, multi room party-mode was essential. LINN fitted the criteria without any weak links. The main sitting area has a combination of reference electronics and beautiful Akurate speakers, which complement the space. The system can both be played hard at a party but also deliver the highest level of fine-listening performance.

The music system adds so much to the whole experience of the apartment. The transition through the day from lounge listening, background music reaching every space, inside and out in this apartment, perfectly synchronised party-mode with varying volumes in varying spaces to alm…

LINN's New Akubarik Speaker

Some words from the designer ...


Great tip on for some fantastic live music video's ..

I got a great tip from an Irish lady (thanks Megan) this morning on a French site ''a take away show''. It's similar to blackcabsessions ... really well done. Here is a clip of 'The Lumineers'

''abandinabrewery'' off to a great start ...

Many thanks first to Maeve O'Boyle & Gordon McNeil for a fantastic performance. It was great to hear some songs from Maeve's first album ''All My Sins'' & of course some from the upcoming album ''Being Patient''.

A big thanks to the owners and staff at ''Beerbliotek'' Professional job, great venue and I have to say ... fantastic beer though maybe I shouldn't have had seven of them ... ooops! Thanks to Stearin Bar & Restaurant that catered the event.

Thanks to MUG for the help with PA system and of course to everyone that attended and made it the special evening it was. Special thanks to Andy & Dave whom respectively brought allot of friends with them and gave me great encouragement. We have a couple of HD recordings sent for edit and of course mix/master of the audio and will be sharing that with you all at a later date.

Maeve O'Boyle ... doesn't matter how many times I see Her live or listen to Her rehea…

abandinabrewery looks to be fully booked so time to plug Wednesday's gig ..

LIVE @ Peoples & Schmidt (LINN HiFi), Linnegatan. 17 TH April: EMILY BARKER 

Emily Barker is the latest sensation signed to LINNrecords and with songs on TV series like the BBC 'The Shadowline' and 'Wallander', the later theme tune winning a BAFTA award, Emily is well .. very established!

Way too good for our place really but She is very welcome :)

email martin@peoplesandschmidt, sms or tel 0760071281 for your exclusive ticket priced 200 Sek.

Quite som resume:-

Hailing from Bridgetown, Western Australia, Emily Barker is a compelling songwriter with a gift for weaving melody and words. Her talent is perfectly complimented by the magnificent arrangements of her band The Red Clay Halo, whose rootsy ensemble playing underpins Barker's agile vocal blend of strength and fragility.
Together they have recorded three albums: the first was ‘Photos.Fires.Fables.' (2007) - an eclectic tapestry of old-time narratives weaving gothic stories of fire, tragedy, love and hard less…

LIVE Event update 02:

**Please note we have now 38 booked for 'abandinabrewery' and many more saying they are coming from social media. There are just 50 spaces.  It's first to pay that gets on the list so please get down to the shop if you want to join us or sms/call me**

If you are one of our regulars whom have already reserved a space and arranged to pay on the night, ignore the above, you are on our list!

Abandinabrewery launch event this Saturday 13th April 7:30 pm with Maeve O'Boyle LIVE

Tickets 250 Sek, include a vegetarian meal prepared by Stearin (weeks restaurant in Gothenburg post), a luxury beer from Gothenburg's New Micro-brewery Beerbliotek and of course. Bar open for refills!

Doors open 7:30pm. Location: Beerbliotek, Klippan, Gothenburg.

Read more ...

Emily Barker (LINN artist) LIVE at Peoples & Schmidt Wednesday 17th April, 7:30 pm

Tickets 200 Sek with refreshments provided or bring your own (no red wine please). Doors open 7:30pm. Location, our shop Linnegatan 5, Gothenbur…

Is HiFi technology moving as fast as the simple torch?

This torch lights up 400 meters, it is controlled by a microprocessor chip - a dual microprocessor chip, it has zoom and a special 'TIR lens', comes with rechargeable battery kit, has run time up to 100 hours ... it's waterproof to 2m, shock resistant, fits in the palm of your hand and costs 100 USD.

I have just been listening to my little AVA Maestro with it's machined from solid, aluminium chassis, 2 * digital inputs and 50W of power. It's as amazing as the little torch above and at a similarly insane price; in this case 2995 Sek. 

I'm awaiting the AVA-Maestro big brother, the precision with 150W, slim design in an amazing machined from solid chassis, 4 digital and one analogue input and a remote that costs the manufacturer 42 pounds UK to buy in. It will sell for a little over 11000 Sek in Sweden and if the little brother is anything to judge by, it will outperform some HiFi at ten times that price. WHAT??

So for 100,000 Sek these days you can have a AVA super …