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Visar inlägg från mars, 2012

I want to ride my bicicle ...

We have now taken down the photo gallery with snaps from New York City to be replaced by something quite literally 'second place ...'

Warm welcome to all for the opening of Christer Hedbergs photo exhibition with competing cyclists from around the globe with shots from when they 'almost' won! Really great exhibition ...
As usual great music will be played on our LINN systems & yes we will be playing Queen ..

Also as usual and becoming quite a tradition here - the fantastic combination of music, folköl (not strong beer) & maybe even some white wine ...

Click the picture to link tofacebook event page.

GoGoBot ''Sea-Saw-Series'' in 24 Bit ...

Let's face it, it's the music that matters ... it's the music that touches us! We of course want to listen to our absolute favourite artists in the highest possible quality. That for many of us means buying a great system with the best digital or analogue player at the heart of the system then getting a great installation. ''Rubbish in, rubbish out'' is a well known term for us that prioritise the source product in a system. But don't forget, the ultimate source is the format itself & the recording ... ''Rubbish in, rubbish out''! For older recordings that is usually the rare first press vinyl but for new recordings .. it's the original digital recording which is done at 24 bit rate in the studio.

LINN have already done the deal with Universal to release their back catalogue & of course have their own library but
Peoples& Schmidt have also been busy!

We hope confirm, next week, our first exclusive contract for 24 Bit release…

Chatting to Gordon today about the recording process ...

Interesting ... people try and squash everything into a certain range but a guy from Canada whom Gordon respects and is looking to, Chris Potter, is doing things differently.

All of the music, all of the time, no clipping at any frequency ...

Gordon McNeil: Quote:
''Letting the music breath''... Chris's use of dynamic control & mixes are second to none''

Have a listen ... amazingly good!Click the above picture to play!

Permission takes time ... but now we have it ... the start of the external signage for the 'New' shop ...

Click on the pictures to enlarge!

Maeve O'Boyle & Gordon (Gogobot) visiting the shop today ...

Nice to get a visit from some proper young stars and amazing musicians ... feel the abundance of enthusiasm. Gordon is just an awesome all round producer/mixer/musician ... Gogobot will be huge but I'd say he'll take other bands and artists a long way. We played some of his latest material on the Klimax system .. amazing!

And that's not all ... perhaps an amazing Live concert on it's way to Peoples & Schmidt humble premisses. Gordon is trying to get his friend (James) and lead singer of Glasvegas to do a gig in the shop ... that's be awesome! He does a great acoustic set and if he plays 'Daddy's Gone' here there are going to be tears!

Lets cross our fingers that Gordon has convinced him!! If James actually turns up when he is supposed to is another thing ... laugh

Have a nice weekend // Martin

'Klanger & Spår' this evening from 5:30 pm

**The usual perfect combination of 'folk öl' (not very strong beer) & music :) **

Welcome to 'Klanger & Spår', from 5:30 pm tomorrow: a music listening evening where anyone gets to play music that means something to them for whatever reason ... you can simply play or share your thoughts ... preferably on vinyl though we have been known to let some digital music through (bring a USB, we don't have a CD player)!

I'll be alone on this one as Christoffer, Musician/producer got snatched up by Depeche Mode for their next album. He'll be back in one month or so and hopefully with great tales and influences from Depeche, NY & LA ... for our next 'K&S' evening.

Music & Politics ... this is well done!

& If 24 Bit Tom Petty didn't impress you enough hear is some more great 24 Bit from LINNrecords...

Just when you thought ... announcement about Universal Music couldn't get any better, we are proud to announce the addition of some of the best jazz music of all time to, including two Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award winners: John Coltrane and Duke Ellington and Grammy Best Jazz Vocalist Award winner Diana Kräll.

Tom Petty ... Now available from LINNrecords

Do you use Facebook? If you do why not add LINN as a friend and receive up to date information, music tips and more ...

I'm off to London Town ..

Gustaf will be looking after the store Friday 16th & Saturday 17th ...

His mobile is 0707214804 if you have any enquires.

& I just thought RUSH were music nerds ... check out the early stuff!!

This video is available until 20 March 2012. Click the picture to play & to make it ''sound better'', use your LINN Songcast App.

Klanger & Spår founder moves on to Depeche Mode ...but he'll be back :)

Big congratulations to Christoffer whom just got the job for Depeche Mode new record (click on the picture above for information). He flies out to LA in a weeks time so I'm afraid you have me as the host until he returns. Hopefully we will get a Depeche 'klanger & Spår' from him when he is back.

So I'm thinking next Thursday (22nd) evening kl 18:00 for light beer & great music. Klanger & Spår as presented by me :)

email your attendance to:

BH // Martin

Black Cab Sessions ... Oh yeh!!!!!!

**See in store for **Special P&S LINN DS promotion*

* running through to the end of March 2012**

LINN at Sweet-Spot High End HiFi Show 21/22 April 2012

Peoples & Schmidt are proud to be representing LINN at the upcoming High End HiFi show in Jönköping on 21/22 April 2012. Warm welcome to all of our existing customers and to our new ones ... the ones we will take over to LINN after they have been to the show // Martin

Click in the photo's to play ...

See in store for **special LINN promotion** running through to the end of March 2012

Latest from Bruce Springsteen

I read the newspaper this morning (GP) and seen Springsteen had a new album out with 4 of 5 stars from their ''slightly'' biased critic. Always worth checking out Mr Springsteen so I did just that and ... ''I like it''.

Bit folky, both with text and music. Think the big man has been listening to The Pogues, which is never a bad thing. Click the above picture to link to SPOTIFY

Anyone that has still not worked out how to play Spotify to their LINN DS player either from LINN SONGCAST (virtual soundcard) or using Apple AIRPLAY please give me a call. 0708948229 or email

My Irish friends cousin ... Time to get these boys over to do a gig in the shop!

Bands in transit presenting Bombey Bicycle Club

There are times that an innovative idea is just so good, the only thing to do is copy it. If you sell VW Multivan and want a great LINN system ... Time to talk? ;)
Click on the above link to check out 'Bands in transit'

** Fantastic In-Store offer running throughout March **

If you would like a great complete LINN digital streaming system or wish to add a second room or more to your existing set up then we have a great offer for you running throughout March.Please visit our shop for full details on the great saving and of course for a system demonstration to meet the LINN promise''making everything sound better''- Streaming of any digital file format to the highest quality available. 24 Bit 192 Hz Studio Master - Multi room: playing independently or in perfect synchronisation (SONGCAST)- Virtual Soundcard enabling you to play any sound from your Mac or PC through the network direct to your LINN **with Lipsink**- AIRPLAY from iPhone/iTouch/iPad/Macs.

Linn Wins Product of the Year at Scottish Business Awards

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