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Visar inlägg från februari, 2014

A little country number from Maeve

Selsius from Gothenburg Sweden

My task over these next week is to make sure we get Selsius new album, mixed, mastered and on sale by the beginning of April. I am delighted to say the feedback I have been getting in the shop from customers when I play their exhausting 10'minute 45 sec last song on the record has been great ... overwhelming I would say.

Gordon McNeil has worked his magic and we have employed the amazing Henryk Lipp from Gothenburg whom is pushing it all through His big analogue space ship for some proper good old fashioned mastering.

The results will be out soon but for now here is an easy track from the new album complete with video. Enjoy!!


This even works on a Scotsman ,,, the Man's too good!!!!!!

Sweden's biggest song ever ... in my opinion!! Even beats Waterloo ...

if your on a mobile device.

If your in the market for 'the best' then we might have something for you

We have a range of LINN Klimax products on their way in from a customer that is upgrading to the LINN Exakt system.

This includes Klimax DS, Klimax Twin, Klimax Kontrol and Klimax Solos's.  All products are to the latest specification and current in the LINN range.

Please ring me on 0760071281 if you are ''seriously'' interested and ready to buy. If you are in that position you can get some amazing products at a great price.

That's the band moved in then ... permanently :)

From today we have a full rig on permanent demonstration in the shop including instruments, Fender Bas/guitar, Martin Guitars, Emerald Guitars, Drum Kit, Soundcraft Mix desk, Lynx Aurora interface, Golden Age, Reference AKG Mikes, (Stefan will pop in with His Neumann & Shure & when we get VERY serious Musicamatic will join us with some extraordinary vintage gems) and more.

Stefan & I are mid way through testing cable combinations and mikes (with some outrageous results) with the intention of having the 'correct' gear combination for the task. So now you can sing in our back room studio or main room and listen back immediately on a fantastic LINN system.

Our recordings will all be available on my new 24 Bit music download site for you to enjoy and of course that includes abandinabrewery & the gigs in our shop.

The entire chain of hand-chosen products, from the recording rooms through to the LINN playback system, the servers & special custom computers we use wil…

Is this what you would like at our next LINN Lounge ... a bit of VIP?

The past was a blast ... with LINN Keildigh

We are selling these LINN retro speakers for a customer (3500kr, OHP, if you are interested) but when openning them this morning I couldn't help but feel nostalgic!

This was the first 'real' speaker I ever owned (mines were Cherry) ... the speaker I heard that made me realise ... I need a proper HiFi! I remember the shop, the personnel & the even the smell when I bought them brand spanking new!

Heavy cabinets with real wood 'thick veneer' ... must be just 1M tall! Looks like a speaker, feels like a speaker and sounds amazing good!

Why are Linn not at the Stockholm Hifi show this weekend?

Well Linn don't do shows ... But that really disappoints me ... Two main reasons for that, firstly it would help drive potential customers into my amazing shop and secondly they have launched LINN Exakt ... The latest release at reference level from LINN and probably the best system I have heard ...  I'd rather they shout about it than be quietly and pompously discreet about it!

If you feel the same why don't you email and tell Him your opinion about this.

Thanks to those that came to our "music streaming made easy day"

I will probably do more of these so please email me if you are interested. Nice to meet new people, get feedback and nice to get such positive response for Linn's streaming technology.

We covered today.
- Recording live (guitar) in the shop then instant playback through Linn ds in 24 bit 96.
- Opening a brand new ds player and playing music within two minutes.
- AVA ripnplay ripper/nas/player. Today we loaded both music and film to it and also ripped a CD. Music we streamed direct with Linn Ds (and with party mode) from MP3 to 24 192. Film (pearl jam documentary), we streamed directly using a smart tv with sound of course through Linn.
- Played music & film on iPad and using airplay, the audio came through our Linn.
- Played Spotify & Youtube on a windows PC and using Linn Songcast (audio sent through network) listened through our Linn which had no physical cable attached to PC (Linn's own "virtual sound card"). This also showed an improvement on using Songca…

Oj Oj!! Just imagine we got Freddie Wadling on our new 24Bit music download site ...

I had a good meeting yesterday and it should be fruitful ... ;)

In your hands now Henryk ...