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Visar inlägg från mars, 2015

Another fantastic gig at Beerbliotek, our Brewery partner and we got a very promising recording ...

Maeve O'boyle played a blinding set at Beerbliotek and reached some brand new fans. When people line up to buy the Vinyl, the EP and both albums after the gig ... you now it went well :)

The LIVE recording will soon be available in HD (24 bit (CD & MP3 free in the download)  onCloud32

Maeve O'Boyle - International Songwriting Semi-Finalist and NOW FINALIST!

Maeve is playing for us this Friday evening at Beerbliotek  small batch brewery.  There are a few more tickets available, 150 Sek. Bar food is simple but good (vegetarian chili or beef chill) and costs just 65 Sek. Beers are around 30% cheaper. Simply one of the finest artists and finest venues!

email: sms: 0760071281 (Swish)

ABANDINABREWERY brought to you by Peoples & Schmidt @ BEERBLITEK Brewery, Klippan, Gothenburg

FRIDAY 27TH March. From 6:30 PM.

She has played 'The Whitehouse', now She is in Gothenburg playing for us, world exclusive with lots of new material.  Maeve O'Boyle *LIVE* in the beautiful Beerbliotek Brewery in the heart of Gothenburg. An evening with an amazing artist, some great bar food and of course award winning beers, fresh from the Brewery.

Tickets 150 Sek. sms 076 0071281 or emil for details.

Maeve performed for the 2012 UK Papal visit then in 2013 became the first Scottish Lady to play The Whitehouse.
This 27 year old platinum selling singer songwriter from Glasgow will quite simply take your breath away !

The Sunday Post *****
"'s a classy collection of great soul-searching songs well sung."
The Music Critic Album of the Month:
"...the best album of the year so far."
Daily Record (Live Review) **** "When she sang you could have heard a pin drop..."
Bluesbunny *****
"Ms O'Boyle…


You can now book to have your system installed by us for a fixed price of 500 Sekwithin the Gothenburg area.

We will update the software to your LINN DS and install your room measurements, speaker type and furnishings into the software. This enables us to optimize the audio performance for just your room, just your system and for exactly the position you want your speakers to be placed. This is often not the same as the optimal audio position but LINN SPACE compensates so you will still get great audio performance even with practicable placement.

Watch the video and learn more about SPACE.

Please note that terms apply and though we are happy to install out with the Gothenburg area there will be some extra time and travel charges. Please call me for further information.  Martin 076 0071281 or email

SPACE ... the final frontier?


Several years ago I took a number of visitors to the LINN factory, like I have done many enjoyable times in my time as an independent LINN retailer. On this occasion however, I heard about something I hadn't even thought could be possible, something not physically possible so I didn't even have it on my wish list. That's what is so fun with LINN, they are thinking up and tend to achieve ridiculous solutions, you thought were impossible.

After an always intriguing tour of the factory floor with several personal accounts of LINN's unique development and manufacturing we then enjoyed a curry with Gilad Teifenbrun, the managing director and Son of Ivor Teifenbrun (the founder) before visiting the demonstration rooms. This was pre 'The Linn Home' but nonetheless a great experience with a top of the line Akurate 5:1 cinema system i…

LINN NEWS ... ''inspired development of our new clocking architecture and improved circuitry layout''

We’re delighted to announce the arrival of new, higher performance models of Klimax DS, Akurate DS, Majik DS and Majik DSM, giving you an even more compelling streaming proposition for new and existing customers.
This increased level of audio performance has been achieved thanks to the inspired development of our new clocking architecture and improved circuitry layout.

All models now also feature Exakt Link connections to support future upgrade to Exakt - the ultimate destination for every customer seeking the best performance from their system.
Linn DS performance upgrades available for Klimax and Akurate owners 
A performance upgrade will be available for all Klimax DS and Akurate DS owners, bringing their existing system in line with the latest specification players and revealing an ever more musical sound. A Renew DS upgrade package will also be available for Klimax DS and Akurate DS owners, letting them re-use their original Linn DS electronics in a second player and enjoy all th…