onsdag 18 mars 2015


You can now book to have your system installed by us for a fixed price of 500 Sek within the Gothenburg area.

We will update the software to your LINN DS and install your room measurements, speaker type and furnishings into the software. This enables us to optimize the audio performance for just your room, just your system and for exactly the position you want your speakers to be placed. This is often not the same as the optimal audio position but LINN SPACE compensates so you will still get great audio performance even with practicable placement.

Watch the video and learn more about SPACE.

Please note that terms apply and though we are happy to install out with the Gothenburg area there will be some extra time and travel charges. Please call me for further information. 
Martin 076 0071281 or email martin@peoplesandschmidt.com

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