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Visar inlägg från april, 2015

Withered Hand & Jacques Labouchere *LIVE* 30 April from 7pm @ Beerbliotek

UPDATE: Monday 27th April

If anyone would like to pre-order their food (or any special requirement like vegetarian) then you can do this and pay it with your ticket in advance. The average cost is 85 Sek but I can send details for any special in advance of payment. email: or sms: 0760071281.

Welcome to Beerbliotek in collaboration with MusicMakes & Peoples & Schmidt for an evening of great beer and music. Withered Hand is a solo project of Dan Wilson, an Edinburgh based indie/folk-pop act. After releasing 2 EP's Dan teamed up with legendary American producer Mark Kramer, releasing His first full album in 2010, Good News. Two LP's followed before His 2nd studio album New Gods was released in 2014 helped along by members of Belle & Sebastian, The Vaselines and Black Tambourines. Jacques Labouchere USA, now Gothenburg based, will feature with Dan on this live event.

Warm wel…