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Visar inlägg från februari, 2012

Rodrigo & Gabriela live in Glasgow ...
Went to Scotland this week with some Swedish Linn customers to see the amazing Mexican duo ... Acoustic guitar extraordinaries Rodrigo Gabriela.
Their latest material is with a full piece band from Cuba which they brought with them ... Impressive but better placed in a dance hall where people can dance rather than a huge Glasgow gig which was literally packed to the roof so you could hardly move. The Cuban band though super talented just diluted the two stars performance but the few solo performances we got were absurdly good and got the enthusiastic Glasgow crowd rocking. 10 out of 10 for the solo's ... R&G are like no other ... Breathing new life into covers in a truly original way!
They are right up there at the top of the lists of best guitarists ever ... Amazing!

Happy Birthday to Me ... Saturady 18th closed for Birthday celebrations

On 17th Feb 1971 George Harrison was number 1 on the UK chart list with

'My Sweet Lord'

and on the same day I was born ..

So I'm taking the day off tomorrow ... normal opening hours from Tuesday!

Have a nice weekend

Stängt Lördag 18.

''P.S. Personal thanks from me for all the Birthday wishes that came in today // Martin''

Ding dong ,,, round two ... coming soon ;)

Check this Man out ...

Tip from Yari Mal via Christoffer berg ...

Rock Climbing & Music ... a great partnership ..

Many moons a go, rock climbing was an obsession for me ... a time when I had time ...

So when I seen a documentary on SVT yesterday about climbing it grabbed my attention ... but not just for the climbing scenes. There are some great music tracks ... here is a track from Josh Garrelsbut please take time to listen to the album ... really good! Click the picture to link to Spotify.

Get involved in LINN's new website ... some great stories & pictures ..

CLICK the picture above or HERE to link to ''Music Moments pages''

Some fantastic material ... nice one LINN, brilliant stuff ..

Few pics from last nights event ... art & music go hand in hand ..

Big thanks to Christer for organising a fantastic evening (pictured above with his wife). His photo's from New York are now on display in the shop for approximately one month, each one is mounted with the story behind the picture.

We played some music from NY artists on our LINN systems of course ... went down a treat! Big thanks to everyone that came, great turn out ... the place was totally jammed early in the evening and a steady flow thereafter. For those that couldn't make it or those that are now curious ... please drop by and check out the photo's and shop for yourself // Martin

Click any of the photo's on this page to link to Christer's video

** Tomorrow** Life from New York ... Gothenburg premier of photographs by Christer Hedberg accompanied with some great music of course ...

Welcome tomorrow (2012 - 02 -10) from 5 pm till 8 pm ... fantastic pictures and stories behind the pictures from New York! How Christer was knocked off his bicycle by a ''gentleman'' in his Rolls Royce. Having chased the vehicle he never got an apology but did manage to get a great shot including the dent on the Roller from the collision ...

LINK to film on:VIMEO

The usual great combo of folk beer & music ... why of course ... (some white wine for the non fb drinkers)

Neil Young writes - Steve Jobs 'Liked Vinyl Better Than iPod'

Read moreHERE

Interview with Alan Williams, LINN Sales Manager, Sweden & lots of other places ...

Martin: Hi Alan, how are you? Alan: Very well, thank you. Just back from a good week at Linn HQ in Glasgow - retail conference, sales meets, live music, bars.... Next week is Hong Kong and Sydney, AustraliaMartin: How long have you been working with LINN? Alan: Fifteen years with the company and fourteen years in retail selling Linn before that Martin: During that time were there any big moments in LINN's development that stand out? Alan: Karma moving coil, LK1 and LK2 amplifier, Lingo, Karik and Numerik CD player, Kairn preamplifier, Klout amplifier, Ekos tonearm, CD12, Radikal, all Klimax electronics, Kan, Isobarik, Keltik, Komri, Akurate, Klimax loudspeakers 242, DS, DSM - it's a long list - we always aim to improve significantly over the previous version Martin: You tried out my fancy guitar in the shop once and seems you were pretty handy with a guitar. Which one came first? The guitar or the LINN HiFi? Alan: The guitar - my parents …