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Event: Music Streaming Made Easy, 8 th January @ Peoples & Schmidt, Linnegatan 5, Gothenburg.

Royal Wood signs to Toytownrecords & soon available on our new 24Bit music download site ..

Read more about this amazing artist -

We are now populating our online studio master, music download site ...

If you are a artist, band or label this is a great way of earning money from your studio master files; whether your potential is to sell 100 copies or millions, you will be paid a fair price for each and every download.

If you know an artists, band or label and think they should be selling their music in full studio master format then please ask them to contact us. Our site is now fully functional so you can start earning from your studio files immediately.

The basic criteria: You must provide the Studio Master file (24 Bit),16bit (CD quality) & MP3 (note: 16bit & MP3 are given free with every studio master download). The music and recording must be of a high standard.You must own the music or legally be authorised to distribute it.There is a one off charge of 1000 Kr (100 uk pounds) for administration including uploading files, photo, text and video material. (This fee is also a disincentive for non-serious applications.) This international download site means the artist, band…

Some great music from & Gothenburg band Selsius ...

Great news for music lovers and great news for Gothenburg ...

A brand new 'vegas-style' concert venue for Gothenburg aiming to entice the big stars to play this more intimate scene where guests will be asked to pay a premium for a luxury evening and performance. My first request is 'Rod Stewart' please ...


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While in Ireland ...

I signed a distribution agreement with an exclusive hand crafted guitar manufacturer and I mean hand crafted. No CNC machines used in either the mould or the finished products ... even the intricate carving which can be a simple inscription or as dramatic as dragons on every detail like Alistair done with the worlds most famous guitar for Asian rock god Leehom Wang

What's clear is that it is the work of a genius.

The following clip shows a rather tamer looking guitar from Alistair, my favourite, the X20-0s artisan acoustic, one of which we received in November.

For Peoples & Schmidt this is a step closer to our passion of music: playing, recording and playback. It's another step in the goal for our shop where you can play an instrument, record it and instantaneously listen back to it in full studio master in one of our 5 demo rooms. It's a unique concept where you can exp…

It's that time again ... I'm off to Ireland until 14th January

Please contact Gustaf with enquires on 0707 214804. Call Gustaf first before visiting as opening times may vary!

You can still email me

LINN Klimax Exaxt v's LINN Klimax DS+Kontrol

Even with just a short time for set up in what is a much better room than it looks (a diagonal back wall that seems to resolve any bass issues) it was ''clearly'' apparent that LINN Exakt is a serious improvement.

My conclusion is that it's like when you turn the kitchen fan off and suddenly you are more relaxed, can hear clearer and it's just such relief. The artist starts singing in control and stops screaking.

''Relief from Klimax DS'' ... I never thought I'd be saying that ... what I thought was the best digital source I had ever heard (HiFi or studio) appeared in comparison a bit hard to listen to at high volumes. Exakt is much cleaner, smoother and calmer but it's the timing that really shocks me. Going back to the same track (Mario Biondi) on the Klimax DS, it was almost like the instruments/musicians were ''tripping each other up'' ... out of time ... like the mix was out!!

Everything is relevant and of course the o…

Our shop is stunning :)

LINN Offer ... just out - and we will match it for a limited period with 'Free AVA Maestro with Majik, Free AVA Ripnplay with Akurate & Free AVA Zara Premium with Klimax ...

With a Magic Player You'll get £100
Linn Records music vouchers TRY THIS SYSTEM
With an Akurate player TRY THIS SYSTEM
You'll get £300 Linn Records music vouchers 1 year music streaming 1 year movie streaming As well as Apple TV
With a Klimax Player TRY THIS SYSTEM You'll get £300 Linn Records music vouchers

1 year music streaming

You'll get £800 Linn Records Music Vouchers 1 year music streaming 1 year movie streaming Apple TV Plus you'll get Mac Mini
Terms & Conditions

A beautiful retro LINN system just arrived

Wakonda pre (tuner), LK 140 power amp and Katan with stands together with Basik record player.(We also have Kolektor pre)

All looking and working just beautifully .. just needs a nice new home!


Can a band make a living from Spotify?


Vi har ett RipnPlay/Maestro paket, av våra ''fem först till kvarn'' offert, kvar!

Köp 2tb RipnPlay och få ett Maestro-50 på köpet! 

RipnPlay är en Automatisk Rip, digital stream player styrt från ipad/android (kinsky, Plugplayer APP) med hela 2tb on-bord lagring och du få en grattis ''outstanding'' Maestro digital steg (GRATTIS värde 3,450 kr)  på köpet.
1 paket kvar. 13,950 Kr: