lördag 25 januari 2014

We are now populating our online studio master, music download site ...

If you are a artist, band or label this is a great way of earning money from your studio master files; whether your potential is to sell 100 copies or millions, you will be paid a fair price for each and every download.

If you know an artists, band or label and think they should be selling their music in full studio master format then please ask them to contact us. Our site is now fully functional so you can start earning from your studio files immediately.

The basic criteria:
  • You must provide the Studio Master file (24 Bit),16bit (CD quality) & MP3 (note: 16bit & MP3 are given free with every studio master download). 
  • The music and recording must be of a high standard.
  • You must own the music or legally be authorised to distribute it.
  • There is a one off charge of 1000 Kr (100 uk pounds) for administration including uploading files, photo, text and video material. (This fee is also a disincentive for non-serious applications.)
This international download site means the artist, band or label can actually earn a living from the work they produce and receive a fair price for each and every download. There is the added bonus of international exposure .. why can't you be 'big in Japan'?

The consumer buys with the knowledge that they are supporting the artist directly and that they are receiving the absolute best quality available for that piece of work.

Apply to martin@peoplesandschmidt.com confirming you meet the criteria above and with links to samples of your music and we will take care of the rest. You can also SMS: 0760071281 & I will call you at a convenient time.

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