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Visar inlägg från augusti, 2015

Last chance - LINN summer offers coming to an end 14th August.

PRE-AMPLIFIER TRADE-IN: 10% OFF A LINN DSM PLAYER Pre-amplifier to Linn DSM Trade-In Offer
Following the end production of analogue pre-amplifiers, we have a special trade-in offer to enable you to upgrade to the higher performance, additional functionality and future upgrade possibilities of Linn DSM.
For a limited time, customers can trade in any pre-amplifier, whether it’s from Linn or another manufacturer, and receive 10% off any Linn DSM player*.
The offer runs from 27th May until 14th August, benefit from the performance difference that a Linn DSM will make to your system, whether you listen to analogue or digital sources, plus a host of other benefits.
A SECOND GREAT PROMOTION TO OFFER THIS SUMMER We have a second great offer in addition to the pre-amplifier trade-in announced. 
With the +2 promotion, any customer purchasing an Akurate or Majik power amplifier between now and the 14th August 2015 will receive two free channels of amplification, enhancing system performance and …