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Linn Launch New Digital Products11/9/2015 0 Comments
Thursday 10th September, 10:30 am
The Violin Factory, 35a Cornwall Road, South Bank,
Waterloo, London SE1 8TJ

With press launches all over the place this week UK, USA and Berlin our journos 
had trouble keeping up. I hit the Linn do at the Violin Factory, and found upwards of 
eight new offerings.

MD Gilad Tiefenbrun introduced the new style friendly speakers.

We had already experienced Linn’s active linear phase digital version of the 
Nautilus flagship and now we had the KEF Reference 5, the digital drive system 
design supported by production tolerance data from Jack Oclee-Brown, head of 
research at KEF.  Linn showed how at some cost such a loudspeaker could be 
reversibly modified to bypass the passive crossover and be driven actively. 
Here the crossovers and the phase 
linearisation, and the low frequency room 
correction for the loudspeaker placements, 
were all performed in the digital domain. 
This happens in the new six channel ver…


EXAKTBOX SUB NOW AVAILABLE Carrying on the roll-out of an Exakt solution, the addition of the Exaktbox Sub now enables even more people to upgrade their music system to the ground-breaking performance of Exakt.
The Exaktbox Sub has been specifically designed to work with all subwoofers (regardless of brand), delivering seamless integration with an Exakt System.
It eradicates all the performance and installation issues experienced when adding a subwoofer:
 • Imperfect phase alignment of the main speakers and the sub
 • Dfferences in physical location and corresponding time-of-flight to the listening position which affect timing and produce significant phase distortion
 • Long set-up time involving lots of fine tuning
The Exaktbox Sub is the solution for Exakt subwoofer set-ups 
The Exaktbox Sub solves the issues by:
 • Providing a dedicated Exakt Engine for the  subwoofer which ensures perfect phase linearity from 0Hz upwards, seamlessly joining with the phase of the main Exakt speakers


NEW AKURATE EXAKTBOX 6- channelTuesday, September 8, 20150 Introducing the new Akurate Exaktbox with six channels of digital-to-analogue conversion, perfect for targeting loudspeakers up to 3-way. Offering the ultimate in flexibility for customers with 2- or 3-way speakers, this 6-channel Akurate Exaktbox will unlock even more sales by delivering the power of Exakt at a more affordable price.
Fitted with Exakt Link connections for the Akurate DS or Akurate DSM, it also has both balanced XLR and single-ended RCA analogue outputs for connection to any type of power amplifier.
It delivers all the benefits of Exakt and Space Optimisation+ to the system; eliminating magnitude and phase distortion, correcting for drive unit manufacturing variances and optimising performance for the speakers, their placement and the room’s unique characteristics.
This new Exaktbox delivers a compelling and affordable option for owners of 2- and 3-way speakers planning on making the move to Exakt.
Customers …

Some more Series 5!

Launch of LINN Majik Exaktbox-I

Consisting of an 8-channel Exaktbox with integrated amplification, it is the perfect product to:
 • Add to a one-box solution to an existing Majik DS, Majik DS-I or Majik DSM owner who wishes to elevate their system to the ground-breaking performance of Exakt
 • Buy a two-box high end Majik Exakt system for new customers wishing to go straight to Aktiv 
What’s in the box?
The Majik Exaktbox-I delivers all the benefits of an Exaktbox at a more accessible price point:
 • Exakt digital crossover and separate DAC channel for every loudspeaker drive unit to eliminate magnitude and phase distortion
 • Space Optimisation+ which optimises performance for the customer’s room characteristics and chosen speaker placement, and also models each drive unit in its enclosure to deliver outstanding accuracy 

8 Channels of Chakra power
Not only does it perform Exaktbox functions but it also houses eight channels of 100W integrated Chakra amplification. With these amplification channels, the Majik Exaktb…

Series 5: The next evolution of hi-fi

We are delighted to introduce Series 5, two incredible new integrated Exakt systems that deliver outstanding performance from a compact design with a highly customisable aesthetic. 

This is a unique concept that has never been possible before, designed to appeal to anyone that loves music and with appeal to even the design conscious.  Series 5 is perfect for those who have always wanted performance hi-fi but couldn’t find a system that matched their tastes in terms of size and aesthetic. Now, with Series 5 it is possible to: achieve high performance in a compact designpersonalise the sound by optimising performance for the speaker, their placement and the roompersonalise the look of the system to complement the chosen décor or make a bold design statement.
The systems Linn Series 5 consists of two beautiful systems - the Linn 520 System and the Linn 530 System - both of which are paired with an Akurate Exakt DSM. Featuring brand new designs, the 520 and 530 loudspeakers are the first to…