fredag 11 september 2015

Launch of LINN Majik Exaktbox-I

Consisting of an 8-channel Exaktbox with integrated amplification, it is the perfect product to:

 • Add to a one-box solution to an existing Majik DS, Majik DS-I or Majik DSM owner who wishes to elevate their system to the ground-breaking performance of Exakt

 • Buy a two-box high end Majik Exakt system for new customers wishing to go straight to Aktiv 

What’s in the box?

The Majik Exaktbox-I delivers all the benefits of an Exaktbox at a more accessible price point:

 • Exakt digital crossover and separate DAC channel for every loudspeaker drive unit to eliminate magnitude and phase distortion

 • Space Optimisation+ which optimises performance for the customer’s room characteristics and chosen speaker placement, and also models each drive unit in its enclosure to deliver outstanding accuracy 

Majik Exaktbox-I Silver Rear.jpg
8 Channels of Chakra power

Not only does it perform Exaktbox functions but it also houses eight channels of 100W integrated Chakra amplification. With these amplification channels, the Majik Exaktbox-I can be used to upgrade any speaker up to 4-way which includes every Majik loudspeaker Linn has ever made - Majik Isobariks, Majik 140s and Majik 109s, as well as many historic Linn speakers.

It has Exakt Links for connection to the Majik DS or DSM and eight sets of binding posts for connection to the chosen loudspeakers. It also has eight RCA outputs which enable a customer to use external amps if they want to upgrade to the power of an Akurate or Klimax amp in the future.

Compelling upgrade offers for Majik owners

We want to give all owners of a Majik DS, Majik DS-I or Majik DSM the opportunity to upgrade their system to Exakt so we’ve created a suite of compelling upgrade offers to help you target them with the Majik Exaktbox-I.

Owners of the products listed below can choose one of the following upgrades when purchasing a Majik Exaktbox-I*:

 • The addition of Exakt Links to Majik DSM (Majik DSM/1)

 • The addition of Exakt Links and HDMI connections to Majik DS-I and Majik DSM

 • The addition of Exakt Links to bring a Majik DS up to current spec

These upgrades have been priced to give your customers excellent value for money and to unlock more sales opportunities for you. 

*Offers are also available with the purchase of any Exakt product. Terms & conditions apply.

LINN Majik Exaktbox-I  :- 42,800 SEK

Majik DS Upgrade*  
Main board for Majik DS pre-Mar '15 :- 6,900 SEK
Majik DSM Upgrade*
Main board for Majik DSM pre-Mar '15 :- 9,500 SEK
Majik DSM or DS-I Upgrade*
Main board for Majik DSM or DS-I pre-Apr '12  :- 19,000 SEK

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