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Linn Exaktbox Sub Front Top High Res.jpgCarrying on the roll-out of an Exakt solution, the addition of the Exaktbox Sub now enables even more people to upgrade their music system to the ground-breaking performance of Exakt.

The Exaktbox Sub has been specifically designed to work with all subwoofers (regardless of brand), delivering seamless integration with an Exakt System.

It eradicates all the performance and installation issues experienced when adding a subwoofer:

 • Imperfect phase alignment of the main speakers and the sub

 • Dfferences in physical location and corresponding time-of-flight to the listening position which affect timing and produce significant phase distortion

 • Long set-up time involving lots of fine tuning

The Exaktbox Sub is the solution for Exakt subwoofer set-ups 

Linn Exaktbox Sub rear High Res.jpg
The Exaktbox Sub solves the issues by:

 • Providing a dedicated Exakt Engine for the 
subwoofer which ensures perfect phase linearity from 0Hz upwards, seamlessly joining with the phase of the main Exakt speakers

 • Providing a dedicated Space Optimisation+ configuration, allowing location to be specified, distinct from the main speakers - optimising time-of-flight and room modes specific to the sub

 • Allowing the addition of bass with no compromise on performance with an easy set-up - simply enter the location and adjust the subwoofer’s gain to blend in with the main Exakt speakers

Flexible location, flexible use

With a small discreet form, the Exaktbox Sub can be placed wherever it suits and even hidden out of sight if desired. It houses two channels of Akurate Exakt crossover and digital-to-analogue conversion, and there are RCA and XLR outputs on the rear which enable flexible configuration options, from separate left and right channels (using two subwoofers) to a mono or stereo connection for a single subwoofer.

It can be used to target any subwoofer by simply adjusting the subwoofer gain to blend into the speakers, making this a most flexible addition to an Exakt System. A Linn subwoofer can be selected in Konfig and those from other manufacturers can be entered using point source in Space Optimisation. 

13,500 SEK

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