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Visar inlägg från mars, 2014

LIVE @ People & Schmidt ''update''

Next Live events: GOOD HARVEST & MAEVE O'BOYLE -Good Harvest & Maeve O'Boyle in 'Ladan', Bosnäs (Borås) 17 April 6:30 pm - 200 Sek -Good Harvest & Maeve O'Boyle @ 'Peoples & Schmidt', Linnegatan, Gothenburg 18 April 6:30 pm - 150 Sek Note: For updates click on 'LIVE music @ P&S' tab above
Gothenburg dates to be announced.

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Kazoo, the intuitable new control sofware from LINN is soon available for Beta testing

I had a play with this in the week and it really is an improvement over Kinsky. For those with multi-zone systems the volume control is an absolute hit ... it's simple, has a universal option or room per room from the same screen.

As suspected Kazoo works closely and offers better funtionality when used with Songbox (LINN's free media server program) but you can still use it with popular media programs like Asset or Twonky.  The whole experience offers added functionality, user-friendliness and is simply more 'SIMPLE'.

Here are a couple of screen shots of the latest version I used.

Next Live event: Good Harvest & Maeve O'Boyle in 'Ladan', Bosnäs (Borås) 17 April

Note: For updates click on 'LIVE music @ P&S' tab above
Gothenburg dates to be announced.

LIVE Music @ P&S NEXT LIVE EVENT GOOD HARVEST & MAEVE O'BOYLE, The Ladan, Bosnäs. Thursday 17th April 2014 6:30 pm

BUY Maeve O'Boyle latest album online (24 bit, CD quality & MP3)
tickets: 200 sek email:

SCOPE's album is out soon. You can meet SCOPE in person in our shop from 2nd - 9 April & probably a spontaneous gig or two :)

IF you are on a mobile device CLICK HERE


18th April we have Good Harvest & Maeve O'Boyle playing Borås (tickets available from Tuesday. 90 spaces) then 19th or 29th in the shop so keep an eye on this site for details.

We now have two locations in Gothenburg

Our existing location on Linnegatan will focus on the journey from the microphone to the living room. All rooms are now 'recording rooms' but there will be two dedicated recording rooms in the rear. Apart from allot of instruments and the occasional mike, you won't see the amazing technology that lies hidden on the premises.

You can literally record with professional equipment then listen back through LINN DS within seconds ... and it sounds amazing!!

The new premise is in collaboration with 30 Swedish companies targeting new build and refurbishment projects. We will have a two floor multi-room system encompassing LINN's latest technology ... a fully functional in-use installation which is open daily to both public and industry.

Billy Boyd and Gavin Bain

Studio Master vs CD

I had a visit last week from a LINN HiFi customer whom has a fantastic system at home and is without doubt a real music lover. He also has a network of friends with the same interest and that extends to how they play back their music.

I was shocked to hear that the consensus within their group of friends was that CD quality is more 'fun' to listen to than the 24 Bit studio version … basically they prefer to buy and play the 16 Bit CD version.

This is completely opposite to my experience and whereas I of course enjoy CD quality, I both buy and play the 24 Bit version where and when it's available.

I'd love feedback on this ...

If you havent watched ''Jill Johnson Veranda'' ... shame on you! Soooo Gooood!!!

Love it ...