lördag 8 mars 2014

Studio Master vs CD

I had a visit last week from a LINN HiFi customer whom has a fantastic system at home and is without doubt a real music lover. He also has a network of friends with the same interest and that extends to how they play back their music.

I was shocked to hear that the consensus within their group of friends was that CD quality is more 'fun' to listen to than the 24 Bit studio version … basically they prefer to buy and play the 16 Bit CD version.

This is completely opposite to my experience and whereas I of course enjoy CD quality, I both buy and play the 24 Bit version where and when it's available.

I'd love feedback on this ...

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  1. I have mixed experiences from studio masters. Many re-mastered re-issues on studio masters are worse than the original, but the good studio master releases are clearly better.