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Visar inlägg från mars, 2011

Vi närmar att öppna nya butiken på Linnegatan 5.

Klick på bilden för att se närmare!

Vi är ganska långt över tiden men det har varit mycket progress senaste väckor och det känns som den lång väntetid är snart över. :)

Här finns senaste ''floor-plan'' som ger lite insikt till hur det kommer att bli ... fint tror jag!

GoGoBot rampaging through Facebook! Are they leading the way?

**Vi öppnar snart på Linnegatan 5.** ** Flytt Rea**

PLAY HERE: ''GoGoBot, First Class Fool''

This is interesting for many reasons but does this show the future of streaming? I think yes! With a Windows based system and virtual soundcard like 'Jamcast' (soon available for Android) you can stream live from youtube whilst looking at the video in HD ... nice!

Jamcast runs currently around 2 secs behind the footage but LINN's new software/firmware will soon have an integrated ''real-time'' soundcard solution. Film & sound in HD with the music direct to your LINN DS. Think of live conserts, HD films, childrens films (for us with kids) !!! How nice!

With Youtube as a free service with integrated playlist ability and already sending in HD, including film, what does that mean for low quality music distribution like itunes & Spotify? Interesting! They better hurry or Youtube, with help of world leading products like LINN DS & Dnla TV, will ha…

Visit LINN factory, 4-6 April with Peoples & Schmidt


A visit to the LINN factory when it is in full operation is a great experience. Peoples & Schmidt invite you to join us at the factory on April 5, 2011. It looks like Gilad and perhaps Ivor will be around to say hello. A guided tour will be given by Alan Williams along with some other key personnel. We will spend the morning at LINN, take lunch in their canteen then an hour or so after lunch. I'll keep you posted on this site with more information about our time in Scotland as it is arranged.

Flights from both Gothenburg & Stockholm (leaving 4th April, back 6 April) are both inexpensive and convenient, flying direct to Edinburgh. We can help with your arrangements so please email us if you need help with booking. though the trip will be at your own expense we will be pleased to refund your flights and hotel if you subsequently purchase LINN products for at least 15,000 kr.

Welcome!! // Martin