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abandinabrewery ... 13th April with Maeve O'Boyle

The first of many special events with live recordings for 'Peoples & Schmidt' new venture, abandinabrewery, kicks off on 13th April with a Live performance from our favourite Singer-Songwriter, Maeve O'Boyle. 

Read more ... Maeve O'Boyle on Playing The Whitehouse ..
Watch Maeve on Youtube ..

The location is a brand new brewery situated at Klippan Gothenburg ... BEERBLIOTEK

If you are reading this then we assume you like music and I'm sure you like beer?

email: to reserve seats. Warm welcome!

Don't confuse this event with Emily Barker Live in our shop 17th April. Read more ...


I measured the 3k array this morning & it's approximately 21cm. That means this is a very compact floors standing speaker, perhaps the size of the discontinued 'Kaber' if you remember those. 

It's  fantastically compact when you consider that it is a fully Aktiv 5 way speaker with 5*Chackra amps & 5* respective Aktiv cards mounted on a metal extrusion on the back.

A mini Klimax 350A ... going to look lovely in my living room and I'm sure it's going sound amazing as well!


So I changed it ... Can I get more Scandinavian?

Just released from LINN ...

Visit us Saturday to see the photo's of the new Akubarik speakers in different finishes! Nice!

Space ... the vinyl frontier

Gothenburg Band ...


See if you can spot the influences ... not so difficult!

Peoples & Schmidt ''LIVE'' 17th April

We are very pleased to announce another big name to an already impressive list of artists that have played our small venue ... the wonderful Emily Barker.  Invitations will soon be sent out but here is  your opportunity to be first and secure your place. Emily is Australian so be quick if you don't want to lose out on a space to one of Her countrymen. Email Max 50 places, the usual refreshments provided or bring your own.  Warm welcome from Peoples & Schmidt ..

Radikal installed!

To be honest it's pretty scary what you find in LP12's. Nice plinths set together with old sub-chassis, old arm boards and in this case an old bent motor that actually had rust. The plinth is fresh but the internal power supply is probably as old as the bottom plate, which looks like one from 20+ years ago. 
I found tape in the inner platter showing me there has been a Radikal installed at some point in time so it's probably 'been' a complete player at some stage then the good parts removed, replaced with old parts and sold on.

Tut Tut!

TFi Friday ... time to chill!

Blogg/site Updates ...

Today I updated almost all of the 'Tabs/links' above. Click AVA.Media tab and you will come to our new AVA site

The Sneaky, Majik, Akurate & Klimax room tabs are now integrated under the one 'Tab' = 'Our Dem Rooms'.

The price list is updated for easier reading and generally there are less tabs so it should feel cleaner and more user friendly. Still in progress!

More on LINN Kandid

Kandid, the best cartridge we've ever made 40 years after the introduction of Sondek LP12, we’re delighted to announce the arrival of the best sounding cartridge we’ve ever made - Kandid.

This new moving coil cartridge offers the perfect opportunity to contact your LP12 customers and invite them into your shop to listen to an exceptional new level of vinyl performance.

One of the key performance improvements comes as a result of removing the cartridge housing - probably also the most striking aesthetic difference we’ve made to Kandid.  Stripping back the housing to expose the motor assembly has resulted in an even purer, cleaner sound than ever before.

More accurate audio reproduction is achieved thanks to the repositioning of the stylus and cantilever within the body of the cartridge. The angle of the magnets and coil in the front pole piece has been off-set so that they are parallel when the record is playing which ensures perfect alignment for accurate movement on th…

'What's New' on Spotify sometimes pays off!


Birthdays by Keaton Henson

Super music producer Christoffer Berg on P3 Swedish Radio

Christoffer Berg of course founded our 'Klanger & Spår' events so those whom attended those evenings will of course have met Christoffer and enjoyed his music, his insight into making music and of the music branch.
What Christoffer does, how He has progressed through the business and developed His own music is extremely interesting so this P3 radio broadcast is worth taking some time out for. Click on the link above and AirPlay or songcast to your LINN or AVA system!

LINN Kandid ... New reference pick up!

Photograph from

Initial reports seem to be very positive on LINN's new reference pick up which replaces the amazing Akiva. We will let you know when we have one on dem ...

New seating area in the shop ...

Complete with AVA RipnPlay NAS , some LED back lighting, a few stock AVA Maestro and a tidy shelf for a LINN Akurate DSM

For you music fans wondering who is on the photograph, it's Amarathe, photograph from Christer Hedberg, selling for Cancer Fund (2000 Sek). The vinyl is Maeve O'Boyle and signed by the artist (250 Sek).

Sofa & tables LK Hejelle  and the gorgeous chair from Fjord Fiesta 

The Guitar is my own, a Martin OMC Fingerstyle 1. Limited edition (not for sale)

The death of MP3

I read Gilads (LINN HiFi MD) last two letters/interviews regarding the death of MP3. One of which was in an interview with Metro.

Apparently He got some heavy handed negative feedback about forecasting the death of MP3. WHY?

I assume that came from 'industry' people with commercial interest (? for Gilad if you are reading) because I don't know any private person whom 'loves their MP3s'.

That's the thing about the digital file ... you don't feel ownership ... it doesn't really exist? WIMP, SPOTIFY, QUODO ... it's all going 16 BIT (CD quality). Even the Studio masters I have which I have spent over 2000 uk on don't feel like anything ... just a file ...

... MP3 is dead ... gone ... eliminated ... finito .. by bye ... who cares? Do you?


I visited a friend yesterday that has a fantastic pair of piano White LINN 350A ...

The LINN Klimax 350A's fully aktiv speakers sound amazing ... I mean really, really good but they also look fantastic.

It reminded me of their baby sister speaker, the LINN Klimax 320A, also in piano white that we had on dem in the shop. They went to a good home which is nice but unfortunately it wasn't mines ...

The photo taken on our window ledge was taken and kindly sent to me by Peter Olofsson .... tack ..

Eva Cassidy ... ahhhhhhhhhhhh mmmm

Check this one out tomorrow 10pm Sky Arts! Guests are Katie Melua, Terry Wogan, Carrie Grant, Mick Fleetwood ...

The 'Coal-Man's' Son from the village I grew up in ...

... great stuff Davie ...

For you Depeche fans ...

Music & Beer .. :)

A small brewery has popped up in the old Carnegie house in Gothenburg. Almost one month ago, to the day, they took delivery of some fine Scottish brewing equipment but more importantly on 15 Feb 2013 they started brewing.

So you may ask what has this got to do with me? Well I like beer and I have already tasted Beerbliotek's & it's very good!

If you have followed this blogg you will have seen clips from web based music sessions like & www.bandsintransit.comand you may have been aware that I have been busy buying studio equipment and have been thinking of buying a Multivan to pursue a similar project, here in Sweden.

So when I talked to Richard & Adam, co-founders of Beerbliotek, it was very very simple ... forget the Multivan, lets combine two things I love instead - Beer & Music!

Welcome to the new venture from Peoples & Schmidt ... purchased & coming soon).

We have pushed the launch date from 19th M…

Video footage from UK Television ... Maeve O'Boyle

SkyTv-dish or modern Scandinavian design?

OK ... one part of me is saying ''Sky-TV parabol'' but hey, I live in Sweden and appreciate Scandinavian design and it's the first thing I have seen from B&O that looks Scandinavian. I mean their other speakers look like something from 'Doctor Who' .. home-made in the 80's ...

This however is as Scandinavian as a Bruno Mathsson chair ... I really hate to admit it, I mean I have never understood B&O design. Please note I haven't actually seen one in real life ... but bloody hell ... I think I like it ... do I?

It claims ''Sterio-sound'' from a single unit ... Hmnnn ...

P.S: no we don't sell B&O so please don't call asking for one. It will just upset me! ;)

Laugh ... don't bring any drunken Swedes home though ... they might try and sit in it!

Day 08: My Top 10 albums of all time in no particular order ..

Yes I am Scottish but both my parents are Irish so it's genetic ... I can't help but love music from The Emerald Isle.

When I was starting life in my early teens there were only two bands that were cool, in my world anyway - Simple Minds from Scotland and U2 from Ireland.

Even before I had heard the song '40' from U2 ... I knew the lyrics ... it's still one of my favourite songs and recordings of all time. You can feel it!

The album I have chosen is however 'The Joshua Tree'

Play from Spotify: U2 – The Joshua Tree

I recently watched the making of another favourite from U2 'Achtung Baby'
and was surprised that U2 seen the Joshua tree as a period they were disappointed with and perhaps it was too much influenced by USA. I love it ... if I have just one complaint it's this ... it doesn't have the song on the YouTube clip above, a song that's just perfect - U2 One.

This was an amazing concert in an amazing location -  a perfect memory from a perfe…

LINN Sneaky DSM - DS stands for 'digital-streaming' & M for 'media'

The front of the new LINN Sneaky DSM gives nothing away, it's discreet and anonymous.
 It's small, very small - Dimensions: 350 mm (width) x 54.5 mm (height) x 215 mm (depth)

Q: So what is it?  A: it's a complete HiFi - just add speakers ...

- LINN Sneaky DSM has a total of 6 inputs including HDMi (film inputs), Analogue Spdif & Toslink so you can connect any device you already own to your LINN Sneaky DSM.
- LINN Sneaky DSM has HDMi output to connect to your TV/projector for all of your film/gaming sources.
- LINN Sneaky DSM is a music streamer handling any file format of any quality, even 24 Bit 192 Htz studio files whether they are stored locally or cloud based.
- LINN Sneaky DSM is controlled with LINN's own free 'KINSKY' APP from any Android/Mac-tablet or PC device including music selection and play, source selection and volume.

Q: Can I play music wirelessly?  A: You can 'airplay' music to your LINN Sneaky DSM from any apple phone, tablet or pc…

Something good from Borås ...

Following on from yesterday ...