lördag 2 mars 2013

LINN Sneaky DSM - DS stands for 'digital-streaming' & M for 'media'

The front of the new LINN Sneaky DSM gives nothing away, it's discreet and anonymous.
 It's small, very small - Dimensions: 350 mm (width) x 54.5 mm (height) x 215 mm (depth)

Q: So what is it?  A: it's a complete HiFi - just add speakers ...

- LINN Sneaky DSM has a total of 6 inputs including HDMi (film inputs), Analogue Spdif & Toslink so you can connect any device you already own to your LINN Sneaky DSM.
- LINN Sneaky DSM has HDMi output to connect to your TV/projector for all of your film/gaming sources.
- LINN Sneaky DSM is a music streamer handling any file format of any quality, even 24 Bit 192 Htz studio files whether they are stored locally or cloud based.
- LINN Sneaky DSM is controlled with LINN's own free 'KINSKY' APP from any Android/Mac-tablet or PC device including music selection and play, source selection and volume.

Q: Can I play music wirelessly?  A: You can 'airplay' music to your LINN Sneaky DSM from any apple phone, tablet or pc. If you are a windows user you can use LINN's own 'Songcast' free software.

Q: What else does it do?  Answers: 

Well it has internet radio which means almost any station from anywhere in the world.

It's one complete room in your LINN multi-room solution, which not only has perfect synchronised party mode and separate music playback in separate rooms but it can also broadcast locally attached sources ... even an analogue source like vinyl. 

It has a total of 4 on-board power amplifiers so you can single wire with 33W per speaker or bi-wire with 2*33W per speaker. You could if you like use four speakers for example for an industrial application like bar or boutique.    

LINN SNEAKY DSM - 18,250 Sek - manufactured in UK with 5 year guarantee and installation - available in White, Black or Silver finishes - IR smart-remote supplied

Q: What's the most important reason that should make me chose LINN Sneaky DSM?  
A: Well it's a fantastic, user friendly experience from the worlds leading AV company in a compact neat package, that can do almost anything you can wish from a HiFi & more ... but the reason you should buy it is because it delivers the LINN promise - ''Makes everything sound better'' at a great price.

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