torsdag 7 mars 2013

SkyTv-dish or modern Scandinavian design?

OK ... one part of me is saying ''Sky-TV parabol'' but hey, I live in Sweden and appreciate Scandinavian design and it's the first thing I have seen from B&O that looks Scandinavian. I mean their other speakers look like something from 'Doctor Who' .. home-made in the 80's ...

This however is as Scandinavian as a Bruno Mathsson chair ... I really hate to admit it, I mean I have never understood B&O design. Please note I haven't actually seen one in real life ... but bloody hell ... I think I like it ... do I?

It claims ''Sterio-sound'' from a single unit ... Hmnnn ...

P.S: no we don't sell B&O so please don't call asking for one. It will just upset me! ;)

Laugh ... don't bring any drunken Swedes home though ... they might try and sit in it!

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