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Visar inlägg från augusti, 2012

Inspirational ...

I visited Dalarna in the summer and saw these fantastic girls live, singing outdoors in the sun on a simple PA system ... they still sounded amazing and without doubt have the self confidence and musical ability to play any scene.
When you here a performance and don't need to think twice but rather just want to buy the music you hear, then they are good ..

Click HERE to listen to their music.

When you see your shop as a centre for music, it's hard to write the word 'HiFi' on the window but then again, that's what we sell and it makes it easier for you to find us!

Support announced for Maeve O'Boyle *LIVE* @ P&S (here) 20 Th Sept

Ryan MacDowell, a young Glasgow based singer-songwriter will support Maeve O'Boyle here on 20th September.

 More about Ryan:
Biography Ryan MacDowell is an up and coming young artist from Glasgow. His songwriting displays a maturity well beyond his years and his acosutic chillout sets provide an excellent backdrop to a lazy chilllout day.

He has performed in a wide range of locations throughout the city as well as Ireland. He took part in the 2010 Young Scot City Sounds Music competition where he took the runner up spot out of hundreds of applicants.
Follow Ryan on twitter for perosnal updates on his music from the man himself, search @ryanmdmusic or follow the link!/ryanmdmusic

Handover this morning in Båstad ...

It was an absolute pleasure to hand over a seven zone LINN DS installation to a very satisfied family in Båstad this morning. The project comprises a main summer house with five zones and a large separate summer house for their teenage Sons, comprising two zones.
The family decided to keep the character and shell of the beautiful old house but completely rebuilt the interior, rebuilding with an amazing choice of materials and the latest technology. The result is the 'warmth' you only get from an old house but with the comfort of the best available materials and technology. 
Wonderful ... an inspirational result! 50mm by 400mm solid Douglas pine floors, whitewashed and only full  lengths of up to 10m ... WAL!

We were asked to provide fantastic sound but the electronics themselves:
''should not be seen at all and all speakers should be built in and customised to the exact colour choices used in the home''
The family wanted to stream high definition music and fil…

Emily Barker ... now signed to LINNrecords

Mad about the boy!

This is the follow-up video to the video we shot before summer here in the shop ... great stuff from John Ariblad.
Just played it through LINN Songcast on the new LINN KIKO System
Fantastic ... Big thanks to John

Never to old for 'moshing' ??

I recorded this with my iPhone (not sure even if Songcast helps) just a week ago at Way Out West music festival. Fantastic ...

I never liked Blur (In favour of the Gallagher Boys) but do you know what ... they were dynamite!

Little plug for Maeve O'Boyle *LIVE* here 20 Th Sept

I played up a new song from Maeve O'Boyle today, recorded in the Glasgow Gorbals studio, to my friend ... ex-record-shop manager, drummer and general all round music nerd whom knows everybody, has heard everything, has an opinion on everything and can tell you instantly everything about just about every band, producer, musician ever!
Quote after listening once to the song from Maeve: 
''that's a big song ... I mean ... it's not like Belle & Sebastian or something ... this is a big song ... really big! You must be talking about something like Adele has done... world wide .... that is a big song!! Proper lyrics, not like just a gingle ... a big song ''

Don't miss Maeve ''LIVE at Peoples & Schmidt'', 20th September 2012.

This photo is of Maeve recording in the Gorbals just two weeks ago ... with her producer in the background ...

It's too good ...

BBC article on how we consume music ...

There are some really good ''related articles'' on this page as well as the main article.

Last week we read how Apple implied/declared they invented high quality music downloads and are using terms in their paperwork like ''music like the artist intended'' as if it were new. I think I heard this at least as far back as 2004 ... Apple please give me a break, release your 24 Bit and make your money ... no need to pretend you started everything!

Spotify has competition from free streaming sites that use advertising for revenue and others like the French Qobuz whom are already providing CD quality streaming.

Google are being attacked for ''supporting'' pirate music with the UK music branch giving the example that if you search 'Adele' on google with their search engine, you get a long list of pirate sites giving her music away before the legitimate sites selling her music ...

What this article does show is that all the big guns are…

The Doors ...

If I am honest, the modern music listening trend of quantity ... latest releases, trendy play-lists and so on has been distracting me from my favourite bands.
I was just about to have an early night and was already brushing my teeth when I heard 'The Doors' on TV ...
Not much to do but stay up and watch the documentary ... All the usual crap about how intelligent ... drugs and women which you have to live with if watching any Music film or documentary but it was wonderful to watch in film how The Doors recorded and their Live gigs ...
If The Stone Roses put you into some melodic trance then I'd say of The Doors that they put you into a swingy, wondering self-destructive hypnosis ... 
Their music should be sold with a warning:
''Danger, listening to this music may destructively influence both teenagers and adults alike''
Link to The Doors – The End
Amazing ... 

Closed from 2:30 tomorrow due to good music music in the vicinity ...

Last night I was at an open air concert in Majorna and heard a cover of Billy Bragg's 'New England'' performed by  'The Augusti Familjen' & 'The Weeping Willows (singer)'' .

 Great evening ...

However ... Billy Bragg himself, whom I've seen many times, is playing tomorrow at Way Out West festival here in Gothenburg. On top of that I have spent the day watching the waves of happy people heading to the festival just a few hundred metres up the road in Slottskugen Park.

Well there was no real choice ... Went down to Pustervik & bought a ticket: Billy Bragg, Ane Brun, First Aid Kit, Feist then Blur it is ... and allot of beer :)

CLOSED FROM AROUND 2:30 pm tomorrow ...

Tel: 076 007 12 81

Article from The Telegraph (also on LINN Facebook)

The quest for higher quality digital music Whether it's Apple's Mastered for iTunes or Neil Young's campaign for 'high resolution' audio, digital music quality is improving but whether ordinary listeners can tell the difference remains in debate.
Olympic farewell: the Games will be Blur’s final encore By , Head of Technology (Editorial) 7:00AM BST 09 Aug 2012 23 Comments On Sunday, Blur will headline a Hyde Park concert marking the end of the London Olympics. For fans who want to remind themselves of Blur's heydey, the band's back catalogue has been reissued in the Mastered for iTunes format, a new initiative from Apple that promises higher quality digital downloads. Blur's seven studio albums should sound better than ever. The music downloading era kicked off with MP3, a data compression format that reduced the file size of audio tracks to make them small enough to download over the internet whi…

Maeve O'Boyle 'LIVE' @ P&S 20 th Sept

The above photograph is of Maeve during a 'Live studio recording' for a promotional video for the upcoming album. It's no secret that I am one of her best fans but this song & video has freaked me out. I've watched it 30 times and 30 times I have got goose bumps!
Maeve is simply outstanding, world class ...
Welcome to ''Live @ Peoples & Schmidt''20th September for an up close and personal performance.

Please email or call 076 007 12 81 to reserve your place. (Limited numbers)

Shop taking shape after semester ...

** Please note the new telephone number 076 007 12 81** The main room is just waiting for the arrival of the new Kiko system which will hopefully be with us next Wednesday ... I am always impressed by what Unik speakers can do and they really deliver even in our huge room (driven with my little favourite Majik DSM).  Just 4000 kr and the size of a book and still deliver the full register just beautifully ... ironically for their size, they can be a little 'heavy' on the bass but I think that just makes them more attractive for allot of people.

I want this bus!

Semester finished! We are open again! ** Please note the new telephone number 076 007 12 81**

After an extended semester during which we installed a completely new ceiling (50 Kg/m2 gyps suspended on a spring system to help with sound proofing) to open possibilities for more live events and even studio recording.
Though the goal was always sound proofing and not enhancement we did get the latter as a little bonus!

Welcome to Peoples & Schmidt. Linnegatan 5. tel 076 007 12 81
Open: Tuesday/Wednesday 11:00 - 16:00 Thurs/Fri 11:00 - 18:00 Saturday 10:00 - 14:00. 
Private bookings/times always available to suit your needs.
During the break LINN of course launched the all new LINN KIKO system which is already receiving great press. This article is from Stuff but ''What HiFi'' also done a great article and will further review the system in the coming weeks. Linn Kiko Review 28,000 Kr Stuff says Sleek, compact and with an excellent sound, Kiko looks like a winner for style victims and streaming fanatics alike
Linn Kiko – introduction Up to now, Linn’s DS…