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WIlliam Orbit & Gilad: London event !

Linn hosted an intimate evening with acclaimed music producer William Orbit in London this week. The event offered 70 guests a fascinating introduction to the world of Studio Master, the highest quality music download available, and gave an insight into the career of the illustrious genius.

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CARA 6 Official release.

> The official release of Cara 6 is now live and available as an
> upgrade. Links to the software can be found here:
> What you need to know:
> * Automatic updates for Konfig and DS firmware are now live for
> existing DS owners
> * KinskyDesktop and KinskyPDA updates are available from OSS
> * DS players shipped from the factory from tomorrow will have Cara
> 6 loaded.
> * An 'early notification' forum announcement will be posted
> pointing members to the relevant downloads
> * Official trade news of the release will be sent at the end of
> this week in Off the Record. You may therefore wish to inform anyone
> you know to be urgently awaiting this upgrade before then
> * The DS software page on will be updated
> ( and end user news content will
> follow
> A quick …