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If you are a musician or band and you are not making live video with properly recorded audio, you are missing a great opportunity for exposure and your fans are missing a great experience they can enjoy from their living room.

If you make great music and perform LIVE please email me samples of your music and you never know, I might just make the material for you.

Peoples & Schmidt are the founders of abandinabrewery, a regular live music event held in a brewery. Music ^ Beer ... simple! We also hold great concerts in our shop. In both cases we record each event to be enjoyed at a later date by those whom attended and those whom never.

We are converting two further rooms to studios and our intention is to be the best at making live recordings.


Maeve O'Boyle to release some seasonal classics in HD quality to enjoy this Christmas day!

Please email Gordon (in English) to: with your full name and address. You will receive payment information and a download link for your HD downloads.

.... When performing live at The Whitehouse, Christmas 2012, Maeve received requests to play some Christmas classics. So appreciated were they that Maeve was inspired to make some studio recordings of just those very songs. 

Merry Christmas from Peoples & Schmidt & Maeve O'Boyle

Stort tack för alla bestälningar i veckan ...

Vi har haft en fantastisk roligt månad och verkligen vill tacka för alla beställningar som har kommit in ... det är en väldigt roligt slut till året och vi ''uppskattar'' att du uppskattar :) oss, vår event, butiken och mest för att du lita på oss med köpet av oftast exklusiva och dyra investeringar.

Vi är öppet Måndag och har även tänkt nästa Torsdag och Fridag med bokning/intresse. Till exempel om du är några stycke som vill uppleva en LINNlounge event på Klimax Exakt systemen ... det är bara att anmäla din intresse och jag ordna detta! Lite Glugg o go öl också!

Om vi ses inte före Jul ...

MERRY XMAS // Martin & Gustaf

Xmas came early :)

This amazing top-of-the-range bundle will help us deliver worlds class recording, both in our new in-shop studio rooms and 'LIVE' in full 24 bit 192 htz which will be available to buy directly from our new 24 Bit music shop website (now fully functional, uploading 24 Bit studio masters as I write, ready soon for launch).

The visitor to the shop can experience the complete recording to playback process. You may come to one of our shop 'LIVE' gigs or our special event 'abandinabrewery' well now you can purchase the recordings we make on the night, straight from our site. 

If you have an amazing band or perhaps have a label and want a source of income then send us your 24 Bit music. If we like it, we'll put it up and your fans can buy in full HD quality within hours.

I'm so happy :)

Merry Xmas!!

Today's FREE track from favourites Amiral Fallow

Today 'Maeve is giving it away'

Download your free track from Maeve O'Boyle amazing album, Being Patient, in 24bit studio quality 


''Free 24 Bit music every day untill Xmas''
Please collect your FREE 24 Bit music download Xmas present from us ''HERE'' every day now until 24th December ...

Merry Xmas // Martin & Gustaf  : Peoples & Schmidt

AVA Media RipnPlay 2TB **New Features**

I plugged in the 'NEW' AVA Media RipnPlay (from 10,000 kr) today. The rest of the system consisted of AVA Maestro-50 (3495 kr) and a pair of LINN Unik speakers (4000 kr), 10 seconds later I opened my UpNp control software from LINN (Kinsky), selected RipnPlay as my player, chose a track and played Mumford & Sons (Babel 24 Bit). BAM!!

The sound stage is amazing, the clarity is amazing, even the timing ... amazing! What an amazing player and remember this is not just a digital streaming UpNp controlled source product but even an automatic ripping NAS with 2TB of on-board storage.

**it's amazingly simple ... anyone can rip their music collection automatically with it and stream to their HiFi after a 30 second demonstration**

The chassis is machine from a single nougat of aluminium and with an anodized finish looks and feels amazing, but this chassis protects from unwanted noise and acts as a heat sink so 'No FANS'.

''Not only does it store all of your music …

LINN's New Klimax Exakt System **IN OUR SHOP**

Well the Exakt system does fit in rather well in our shop and straight off I must confess it literally blows away our Akubarik system which I have been quite in love with these last months ... that's even with the Exakt system optimisation off.

At the price you would expect the huge performance improvement but it's depressingly (due to the price difference), demonstrably simple and true with LINN, if you pay more you get more!

First up is Emily Barker and our own recording from Her concert in the shop here just a week ago. What's instantly noticeable is that I can't stop listening and really don't want to interrupt Her by switching track. That's a great indication that something is very right. The bass is way too heavy so we move the speakers out from the wall (we had pushed them in for the concert) and as well as clearer to follow and understand, we get an amazing sound stage. A few more position changes, level then exactly the same distance from the back wall…

**Live** This Fridag 18:30 plus Exakt system

Emily Barker ''LIVE'' at Peoples & Schmidt 29th November from 6:30pm

(To avoid confusion please note that Emily will also play 'abandinabrewery' on 30th November but that is already sold out)

There is a limited number of tickets available in advance, priced 150 Sek. SMS: Emily ''your email'' to 0760071281 or email for your e-ticket.

Emily won a BAFTA, Has songs on Wallander and other BBC shows, has received amazing reviews for latest album and is simply worlds class.

Don't miss this opportunity for an amazing intimate concert with Her ... 

More about Emily

Holiday & Exakt system

Martin is on holiday until 7th December so please contact Gustaf Schmidt on 0707214804 before you visit the shop as opening hours will vary.

The LINN Exakt system will be on demonstration from Wednesday 27th December ...

Tickets still available for 'LIVE@ Peoples & Schmidt' with the amazing Emily Barker

Emily Barker ''LIVE'' at Peoples & Schmidt 29th November from 6:30pm

(To avoid confusion please note that Emily will also play 'abandinabrewery' on 30th November but that is already sold out)

There is a limited number of tickets available in advance, priced 150 Sek. SMS: Emily ''your email'' to 0760071281 or email for your e-ticket.

Emily won a BAFTA, Has songs on Wallander and other BBC shows, has received amazing reviews for latest album and is simply worlds class.

Don't miss this opportunity for an amazing intimate concert with Her ... 

More about Emily

I have been waiting on this ... give yourself this Xmas present!

Next week will see my first delivery of AVA-Media RipnPlay NAS/Digital-stream-player manufactured in Manchester England.

The RipnPlay is a self-ripping NAS manufactured from 'Klimax like', machined from solid chassis (no fans, sheilding & beautiful finish) with up to 2tb on-board storage and 


(SPDIFF digital out, upnp,dnla) which can be controled from all of the usual APPS like LINN, Plugplayer .... from your phone/tablet/pc

Read more ...

Amazing price from 10,000 Sek

Modern thinking, modern materials and fantastic performance ...

I found this little beauty after a hot tip from Peter Tolebjär in Borås. With wild claims about it's performance on US guitar forums with Martin guitar owners declaring their very expensive HD28's & D35's are lying unused in their cupboards, it seemed worth while  getting a hold of one.

After some research into where I could actually buy this guitar, I tracked it down to St Johnston, Co Donegal, Ireland ... a tiny Irish village and coincidentally birth place to both my Mother & Father (I'm Scottish but I guess you could argue ..)

Quite simply I am forced to buying this amazing piece of innovative Irish craft-work and hopefully will confirm distribution over here after my factory visit on 6th January.

To be honest I haven't played it as much as my own fancy Martin's but I am stunned by how amazingly 'correct' it is! Add the benefits that it rarely needs tuning (doen't expand and contract with air conditions), never needs service to adjust the n…
Just to avoid confusion please be aware that Emily is also playing our event ''abandinabrewery'' here at Bibliotek Brewery, Gothenburg on 30th November. Tickets are already reserved for that event but please feel welcome to join the list should anyone cancel. Tickets are transferable but not refundable.

Emily Barker ''LIVE'' at Peoples & Schmidt 29th November

Limited number of tickets available in advance, priced 150 Sek. SMS: Emily ''your email'' to 0760071281 or email for your e-ticket.

Emily won a BAFTA, Has songs on Wallander and other BBC shows, has received amazing reviews for latest album and is simply worlds class.

Don't miss this opportunity for an amazing intimate concert with Her ... 

More about Emily

Meet us at New Tech show, Svenska Mässan idag! Room 6, first floor!

 LINN HiFi, Simple Audio, AVA Media, AKG Studio Earphones, Emerald Carbon Fibre Guitars

Meet us this Friday, Saturday and Sunday at NEW TECK, Svänska Mässan, Göteborg

We have a floor space and will be running demonstrations in our large DEM-ROOM on first floor.

Tack till Örjan för tipset! Fin!

Great video taken at the Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland, just around the corner from my old Surf-Spot

Why Swedish pop is the best in the world

Read the full article here: Why Swedish pop is the best in the world

** Pris sänkt på begagnades produkter **

** Reduced prices on used equipment **

- Click 'Used Equipment' tab above or READ MORE HERE

Help an amazing young artist to the TOP!!

Please support SCOPE, whom played our shop just a few weeks ago by purchasing His debut single, Lovestruck, featuring Maeve O'Boyle. Yesterday it was Top10 on UK iTunes Hip Hop charts and Top 200 (149) in UK Top Charts. Amazing!! The goal is Top 40, deadline Sunday!!!



SCOPE Played the international MOBO (music of black origin) awards just two weeks ago and here is some footage. Remember to put Youtube quality to HD (bottom right on the view screen)

If you are gonna do something you may as well go all out ....

Every once and a while you gotta look at and adjust your goals. Every once and a while new opportunities pop up, ones that perhaps you previously had judged to be unrealistic or simply out of reach.

So Peoples & Schmidt are looking for the impossible. A new central location in Gothenburg with space of course for an amazing LINN showroom like we have today but also for an amazing music studio and event room for up to 300 people. 

The story is simple, NOT a technical explanation of watts, Class A or B or C or cables, NOT hokus-pokus miracle torques on screws or guru touches but rather a demonstrably better music experience, on-site ... from the artist, the recording to the playback. 

The goal is to start with an artist in a room with the best recording equipment and finish in another room with the same amazing performance through your playback system. The visitor can experience an amazing LIVE performance, witness the recording and post recording processes and listen to the result, rep…

Nice Pipes!

On the bright side look at the latest music playback system to arrive at P&S. Very exact but not 'Exakt' if you get my meaning?

SCOPE meeting the founder of the MOBO awards


SCOPE LIVE at Peoples & Schmidt, 2013

Lewis (SCOPE) played our shop  a few weeks ago and is making new industry friends fast with the help of Toytownrecords

He is of course playing LIVE at the MOBO awards and hopefully I'll get some material for you from there but here is a nice picture of SCOPE with the founder of MOBO

I should really be an interior designer!

Alan Williams, 'bless his cotton socks' ... asked me ''why do you have a beautiful shop like this then put pick-ups and prices in your display case in the wall''? 

Sometimes that man had a point ... whiskey & anniversary glass ... Better? 

Some more pics from today's LINN rooms at Peoples & Schmidt.

And yes that is my brand new 5000 watt mega lamp, to left of Akubarik speakers in blue, that you can see in the picture. What a beauty!!

Little treat for those whom seen 'SCOPE' here first ... little bugger has got a gig at the MOBO awards*! If your good, your good ...

SCOPE played here a few weeks ago in our shop and is obviously destined for better things and it never took long. 

He has been asked by the founder of the MOBO awards to play live at a special party to be attended by industry giants.

Here is a video they made yesterday with an acoustic version of SCOPE's upcoming single 'Love Struck', guesting the one and only Maeve O'Boyle. (Maeves's brand new album is now out on LINNrecords in 24 Bit. BUY HERE)

Remember to click HD quality on the bottom right of the youtube screen

How would you like an evening with 'Barry McQuire' ?

The best guitarist I ever had the pleasure to meet

The beauty of Vinyl ..

Apologies if you came by today and I missed you. I was busy on an installation on my favourite island, Hönö/Ökerö.

Look at this beauty on it's nice shiny new CLIC table.

A complete Akurate system with LP12 (keel, Radikal, Adikt, Ittok). 


Something for us?

LINN LOUNGE presents, with the brand new LINN reference system, the ''LINN KLIMAX EXAKT SYSTEM'' - The Beatles in 24 Bit

Sit back and relax in our amazing studio and let us take you on a journey with the most recognised band on the planet, The Beatles. 

We will give you an insight into their amazing career with the aid of text, film and most exciting of all, play their music in full 24 Bit studio master quality using the brand new LINN HiFi reference system, the LINN Klimax Exakt system.

The combination of LINN's reference playback system and these studio quality files gives you the chance to experience The Beatles music like never before.

Welcome to Linnegatan 5, Göteborg Thursday 24th October 6:30 pm email: for your place. Limited places, FREE ENTRY

I love P3 'musikguiden' since discovering it a year or so ago on a long road trip from Stockholm to Gothenburg. The marvelous 'First Aid Kit' were playing their favourite tracks.

Last nigh was Glasvegas turn to chose the tunes ... well done James & Jonna!


How a cornet can get you killed!


Translation (as good as it goes): In the picture we see five Men. Four of the Men hate the fifth and the threat of violence hangs in the air. The reason is obvious; the little Man to the right is playing cornet, shit-loud, right in the face of the others.

He has even taken a belt over His kidneys which allows Him to come up in abnormal volume levels without any flaws in the performance. We do not know how long he has been there and played, but everyone who heard the potential sound pressure of a cornet, at distance of two decimetres, understands that every note is cutting through the bone and marrow of the poor other musicians .The man who is most vulnerable and whose eardrums have already sprung a leak is sitting down with an impressively bad posture, like a lost man praying. He sits poised at the edge of the chair with thighs pointing down and with prominent shoulders and arms hanging almost paralysed by His sides. Right beh…