torsdag 10 oktober 2013

LINN LOUNGE presents, with the brand new LINN reference system, the ''LINN KLIMAX EXAKT SYSTEM'' - The Beatles in 24 Bit

Sit back and relax in our amazing studio and let us take you on a journey with the most recognised band on the planet, The Beatles. 

We will give you an insight into their amazing career with the aid of text, film and most exciting of all, play their music in full 24 Bit studio master quality using the brand new LINN HiFi reference system, the LINN Klimax Exakt system.

The combination of LINN's reference playback system and these studio quality files gives you the chance to experience The Beatles music like never before.


Welcome to Linnegatan 5, Göteborg Thursday 24th October 6:30 pm
email: for your place. Limited places, FREE ENTRY

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