lördag 26 oktober 2013

If you are gonna do something you may as well go all out ....

Every once and a while you gotta look at and adjust your goals. Every once and a while new opportunities pop up, ones that perhaps you previously had judged to be unrealistic or simply out of reach.

So Peoples & Schmidt are looking for the impossible. A new central location in Gothenburg with space of course for an amazing LINN showroom like we have today but also for an amazing music studio and event room for up to 300 people. 

The story is simple, NOT a technical explanation of watts, Class A or B or C or cables, NOT hokus-pokus miracle torques on screws or guru touches but rather a demonstrably better music experience, on-site ... from the artist, the recording to the playback. 

The goal is to start with an artist in a room with the best recording equipment and finish in another room with the same amazing performance through your playback system. The visitor can experience an amazing LIVE performance, witness the recording and post recording processes and listen to the result, representative of YOUR living-room.

You gotta be careful what you wish for because you might discover people with aligned ideas and which when combined with what you do already and what they do already, open the key to your vision!

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