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I'm off to Ireland for a few days ... back 27 Dec

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Merry Xmas!


Our fantastic Renew DS offer for Akurate owners ends soon -  available until 19th February 2013
We’re also re-opening Renew DS orders for Klimax during this limited period, so take advantage before it’s too late.
Renew DS is a special upgrade package that lets you update your system with the latest DS audio performance and turns your old audio board into a second working DS player.


Today's free Xmas 24 Bit track ...

Cool site and some brain twisting music to come...

and sign up for updates ...

Did this happen?

The best Xmas present I have had ... don't tell my Mum!

A huge thanks to AVA-Media for my personalised and pimped maestro-50!

... with one off Orange anodized finish and my name, laser etched onto Maestro-50 amp . It sounds amazing .. I mean amazing ... but how cool does it look?

Available today from Peoples & Schmidt ... in black! 2995 Sek.

** With Majik 109 speakers or better still Majik 140's ... I can honestly say this is one of the best HiFi I have ever heard **Martin Peoples

Like no other product I have heard, can we show off the ''source first'' principle. Even on a pair of 100 Sek second hand 20 year old speakers ... it's amazing! No clock - no jitter!

A nice end to the day ...

A lovely Lady came into our shop and declared She was in a hurry but upon a quick listen, removed her shoes and sat down for a complete demonstration. She then purchased AVA Maestro amp, a pair of White LINN Majik 109 Speakers with stands and an Apple device.

In my opinion She has just purchased one of the best sounding ''high end'' HiFi solutions I have heard with amazing film and music functionality, wirelessly controlled and it was less than 19,000 Sek, supplied with all cables. 

It even looks great ... the parts that are large enough to notice anyway .. 

Another Xmas Cracker ...

Lady Claire Martin was here one year ago and played an amazing 'LIVE' set with 'The Gareth Williams trio' in our shop.

We are extremely pleased to give you a free STUDIO QUALITY download from this fantastic album.


Have you heard The-Sekrit?

- 3 x HDMI inputs, 1 x out - 2 x sub outputs - RC5 accessory port for connection of a Basik 3 - 4 x Cool running and powerful Class D amplifiers capable of being bridged (2 x 50w) or run separately (4 x 30w) for greater flexibility for loudspeaker combinations (see diagram via link) - Useful IR flasher clamping system at the front of the product. No more sticky tape to hold it on!!  - Fits in 1U height in a 19" rack (rack mount kit available)  - Speaker output uses a Neutrik connector (included in box)

Free 24 Bit Downlaod ... a cracker!

I met and watched Emily Barker play LIVE recently in Gothenburg. The good news is she promised to play our shop early in the new year.  

So it is my great delight to introduce this talent with a free 24 Bit Music Download.


Please note ... available only today!

Superstar in the livingroom ...

My good friend Peter from Borås took the opportunity to ask Maeve to play for His kids when She was over with us a few weeks ago. Of course She obliged and even though it was on the sofa and without any warm up ... in typical Maeve style She just went for it full out ...

Recorded with iphone!

Maeve O'Boyle flew yesterday to the USA to do an amazing concert which we will tell you more about at a suitable time.

Best of luck Maeve ... knock em!

Rosie (GoGoBot) probably favourite song ever ...

Home made music video by Alvo Pärt

AVA-Media Digital Amplifier

Here are some pictures of our first delivery of the amazing Maestro-50 from AVA-Media, due to leave the UK Factory to be with us this Thursday/Friday.

This is quite simply the most amazing amplifier I have ever heard! 

Less than 3000 Sek and transforms your living-room into a music studio. The most impressive playback so far is from the old Astrid Lindgren film ''Alla vi barn i Bullerbyn''. What did they use for microphones? The sound is so real ... well it's real!

For the customer, well this is just great news ... for us HiFi boutiques ... well I guess we have to re-think a little ...

''Machined from solid aluminium case, anodised and laser printed. And the sound matches the Engineering''

FREE Music download from LINN

On the day's leading up to Xmas, you can download a free Studio Master track from LINNrecords.

You can do this by clicking on the following link.   PLEASE CLICK HERE

 You may even want to followLINN on facebook.

AVA Zara Premium meets LINN Klimax

Two amazingly beautiful chassis, exactly the same width, respectively machined from single pieces of solid aluminium for the ultimate in performance and shielding.

One box stores your precious music files, bit-perfect rips your CD collection and stays quiet ... the other delivers wonderful sound in time & in tune.

Available now from Peoples & Schmidt

LINN LOUNGE - 'George Harrison'

Many thanks again to the attendees of our first 'LINN LOUNGE' event.

Here are a few pictures from the shop before and during the LINN LOUNGE event.

Hope you can make it to the next one on 13 December!

Warm Welcome // LINN HiFi, Martin & Gustaf

If you would like to read the text from the George Harrison event please click on the ''LINN LOUNGE'' tab above.

Oh dear .. it's just too good!

We just got our first delivery of AVA products and will soon have them out to our local HiFi shops for you to purchase .. if you are too far away from our shop.

Absolutely beautiful! 
I must admit that both Gustaf & I have a thing for engineered products and literally have a small collection of worthless, needless metal objects in our store that are just too ''shiny'' to throw away!
So for us ... How cool are AVA-Media products? Very cool!
Each piece is milled from a single solid aluminium nougat. Never mind the fantastic technology the box includes and the shielding such a box provides, automatic ripping, pre-installed media sofware and so on and so on ...
I literally did not believe this was done, completely ... not assembled but milled ... in the UK for this price and to this specification even though I have the products in my hand so I forced Martin from AVA to send me pictures of the days batch!  Just sent to me from His iphone ... 

Independent, f…

Few nice pics from Maeve's visit 10 days ago

Interview with Swedish radio .. The interview started and should have been a quick hello and one song. Maeve was so good that the interviewer immediately called in to HQ, cancelled 30 minutes of their scheduled broadcast and replaced it with several songs from Her new album with interview in between.

In the Vintage Music Studio, Gothenburg. Just ridiculous ... she is amazing! No rehearsal, just walked in, picked up the guitar and blew the roof off! Wal!!! I was sitting in the room with Selsius (Gothenburg Rock Band), all of us just burst out laughing when she's finished ... crazy good!

Big thanks to all attendees at ''LINN LOUNGE'' yesterday

For you that perhaps follow our blogg but don't live in the vicinity of our shop and so were unable attend last night ... I recommend you find LINN shop near you and attend such an event.

It's great we have access to all of the worlds music at our fingertips but do we appreciate it? Could it be a better experience if we get the background, understand the artist ... even get clues to what's behind the song?

LINN LOUNGE gave an insight into the world and influences of George Harrison, an insight into the man, which was then confirmed in tracks we played back in fabulous 24 Bit resolution. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed an album so much and I was concentrating on playing tracks & clips from Spotify, Youtube and of course 24 Bit from the recording.

With respect for other shops that have still not had their George Harrison event I'll withhold the accompanying text for now but you will soon be able to download this from this blogg & to read through it w…

LINN LOUNGE: George Harrison 7pm Tuesday 27th

Warm welcome to Peoples & Schmidt tomorrow evening, 7pm - Tuesday 27th for the first evening in LINN's new music presentations based on their 24 Bit album releases. We will provide beer, music and a welcoming environment so just bring a few friends and drop down.

All the music used on the night (The playlist) will be free to download after the event via a download voucher given out on the night.
The first event will look at George Harrisons influences and of course his own music from this album, available now on LINNrecords. 

EARLY TAKES Volume 1 is a pivotal companion piece to Martin Scorsese's stunning critically acclaimed documentary on the life of George Harrison, "Living in the Material World". This album is licenced for download from Universal Music Group. Download includes - cover art

NotesReviews (4)
'This Collection of the artist's demos provides an appealing portrait of the ex-Beatle as a working singer-songwriter.'The Financial Times 'Terrif…

Digital to analogue without a DAC


How good would that be? Well it's amazingly good ... Extraordinary good ... Outrageously GOOD!

NO DAC! Then the sound couldn't be programmed ..  It would be completely uncoloured!!


Now demonstrating daily at Peoples & Schmidt


The best sounding complete HiFi System in our shop below 32,000 Sek includes a pair of LINN Majik 140' floor standing speakers at list price of 22,700 Sek

This package also includes a streaming source product, all cables, ipad2, wireless capability (spotify, youtube ...) 24 Bit 192 playback, amplifier and speakers.

Demonstration from Peoples & Schmidt from today …
''To be honest … this isn't even ok … scary! I guess things really do evolve''
: Martin Peoples. Owner of Peoples & Schmidt, Linnegatan 5. Göteborg
All HiFi components in this pachage are British Made!

LINN presents George Harrison 7pm Tues 27 Nov @ P&S

Warm welcome tomorrow evening 7pm for the first evening in LINN's new music presentations based on their 24 Bit album releases. Barry Pim from LINN will present with help from myself of course.

The first event will look at George Harrisons influences and of course we will play his own music from this album, available now on LINNrecords. 
All the music used on the night (The playlist) will be free to download after the event through a download voucher given out on the night.

EARLY TAKES Volume 1 is a pivotal companion piece to Martin Scorsese's stunning critically acclaimed documentary on the life of George Harrison, "Living in the Material World". 'This Collection of the artist's demos provides an appealing portrait of the ex-Beatle as a working singer-songwriter.'The Financial Times This album is licenced for download from Universal Music Group. Download includes - cover art 'Terrific.' The Sunday Express 'The voice is gentle and lovely and the…

Maeve O'Boyle *Live* 17th Nov, near Borås

Email for details or call 076 007 12 81

We think we can still squeeze in a few more into next Saturday's Live concert with Maeve O'Boyle whom will be playing tracks from Her new Album, Being Patient. The new album will be available to purchase on the night in MP3, 16 & 24 Bit formats.

Support is now announced:

American fashion Model, Owen McGillicuddy is also a pretty serious singer-songwriter. I've known Owen for some time, not as a musician and was taken aback when He asked if I wanted to attend one of His gigs in a prestigious scene here in Gothenburg.

Check Him out for yourself ... we must and probably will sort out better a recording for Him that represents how good he is Live ... but have a listen & you'll get it!

Listen here ...

Fantastic ''FREE'' music download from ' the mighty GoGoBot'

Click HERE to come to theFREE DOWNLOADpage

'London Legrand' ... visited us in the shop today ... cool!

A cracker ... The Lumineers


The big-boss and sound guru with the freshest ears in the industry came in to listen to the new LINN KIKO Steaming system that just won:

'WHAT HiFi, Best streaming system 2012'

Daddy: So Alvin we are using ''Shark Story'' played on the PS3 connected to KIKO with HDMi. What do you think, does it sound good?
Alvin: Yes
Daddy: Your good friends with Maeve O'Boyle whom just released Her new amazing album, Being Patient. Lets stream the 24Bit studio master over our network. Does it sound good?
Alvin: MMMM
Daddy: Does it sound best?

So there you have it ... LINN KIKO System is the best! 

We are now selling out Demo-ex LINN from -30% to -45%, click here for details

Sometimes my music taste surprises even me!

I love this recording ... I have to say 'the-recording',  ... as it would be ridiculous to enjoy the ''cheezy'' covers this girl sings', RIGHT?

Ok I admit it ... I'm totally into it! Brilliant, extremely honest singing (allot of re-verb at times, few other tricks but that's OK) ... great!

BETH! Listen Here ...

''What HiFi'', LINN KIKO Wins ''Best streaming System Award 2012''

Amazing reviews have just been rolling in for the New LINN KIKO system and now KIKO wins one of the most prestigious awards from HiFi Press. READ MORE ...

What HiFi Awards 2012 - WINNER: LINN KIKO SYSTEM: Best Digital Streaming System over 21,000 SEK

It's hard not to love Neil Young', but what? really?

I got this from Gilads (LINN VD) Blogg.Neil Young is basically releasing a PONO, a small, bright yellow 'old-ipod' looking device that plays 24 Bit. I gotta hold with Gilad on this one ... Has Neil lost it? 

Did Neil totally miss the 24 Bit revolution that He Himself played such a part in and most importantly the point of it? Has he not discovered HD tracks - - services that are exploding onto the market ... not to mention Apple whom will soon release 24 BIT! Does He not understand the range of devices that already play 24 Bit & the quantity of the ones on route ...

The Youtube klipp is now blocked ... & a good thing too for Neil whom just sounds crazy! What? Really? Stop eating the Hash cakes Neil & come do a gig in Gothenburg instead :)
Read more ...

Nice to see my old Mate Andy has returned to LINN ...

It must have been almost 5 years ago that Peoples & Schmidt first started selling LINN HiFi in Gothenburg, Sweden. That means I have known Andrew Oattes, whom was working as the key account manager for LINN at the time, about the same length of time.

Andy was later snapped up by SONOS to develop their business with amazing targets like ''you must double your business year on year''. The bill boards all over town are evidence of their aggressive marketing led approach to sales and their success is undeniable.

With that experience nicely tucked into Andy's CV, I warmly welcome His return to LINN and am really looking forward to working with Him again.

Welcome back to Andy Oattes, a lovely guy who looks in one direction ... forward!

Remember this little fellow Andy? Anyone for Marstrand?

Well I still have the boat, though of course now with better sound, but I have this new little baby to take care of now as well ...

WAl! Check this out ... If I don't get a Baby ... I'm there!

Saturday October 20, MÖLLER, BIBB & REIERSRUD

A blues meeting out of the ordinary, when Möller, Bibb & Reiersrud occupies large scene.

Three of the world's music Giants creates a unique sound by combining blues with the world-and folk music. All of the best class.

Multi-instrumentalist and world musician Ale Möller is building his own musical landscapes, based on traditions from many sources. Get can that Ale Möller create tokglädje both on and off the stage.

Eric Bibb grew up in New York in a family full of musicians. As with all blues interpreter with a warm and velvety smooth voice, he is praised all over the world. He blends soul, jazz, gospel, and blues like nobody else.


Tre av musikvärldens giganter skapar ett eget sound genom att sammanföra blues med världs- och folkmusik
. Allt av bästa klass.

Multiinstrumentalisten och världsmusikern Ale Möller bygger ett eget musiklandskap, grundat på traditioner från många håll. Få kan som Ale Möller ska…

Gothenburg culture night ... 7-9 pm tonight

We will be open for two extra hours tonight to play some great music and hopefully sell some of our photo exhibition, which of course is being sold with all proceeds going to the young cancer fund charity.

warm welcome ...

Big thanks to everyone that dropped in yesterday evening. What an amazing night, at times I was alone in the shop and then just a few people in listening to music, asking questions and looking around and then at times we were packed ... brilliant! Must have got close to 150 people through the door over a three hour period!

Next year ... it's party time with LIVE music! :)

360 degrees ... selling for charity ...

All the photo's on our walls are printed with long life photo paper and mounted on photo card. They were took over the last year by professional photographer Christer Hedberg, whom donated the rights, at Swedish concerts including Ullevi, Way Out West, Liseberg & small local punk gigs.
Our partner Akustiktryck donated the printing and Peoples & Schmidt paid for the mounting.
All photos are being sold for the local Cancer Charity that helps young people with cancer and are priced at 2000 Kr each. A great record from a concert you may even have attended or just à great picture of a favourite artist ... Whichever ... Your contribution will help!

De La Soul, Brian Ferry, Bruce Springstien, The Black Keys, Blur, First Aid Kit, Robyn (sold), Laleh, Amoranthe, Thåström, Refused, Maskinen, Animasol & Trubbel.

I'm Having A Baby!!

Yes I am! My fine Lady & I expect our second child any day now.

Gustaf works mostly with installations whilst I man the shop but He will be in the shop in between while I am home with my new addition to my little family.

For this reason please call me in advance if you are visiting the shop as our opening ours will vary over the next weeks.

Why not book a private visit, even out of hours and have the shop & systems to yourself. You can then let either Gustaf or myself really take time to meet your requirement. 

For a FREE consultation or just to check we are here when you intend to visit please call or sms to: 

tel - 076 007 1281

Great News Just In ...

Were you at our 'LIVE @ Peoples & Schmidt'session two weeks ago when we had Maeve O'Boyle supported by Ryan MacDowell playing live in the shop? If you were not .. well you missed 'something'! If you were you will love this news ..

It was no surprise to read Maeve had been interviewed by Scottish TV just the other other day (Read More) ... she is an established international artist, on route to becoming an international super star.

It was however very refreshing to see Her prodigy Ryan, whom started life as an artist at Maeve's music school when He was just 15 (Now 19), getting some attention ... and this is no small attention. 

Jim Gellatly is a seriously influential DJ and can start off an artists career. He has not only played Ryan on his radio show but has placed Ryans track on this weeks Pod Cast and featured Ryan's cover art on the front of the Podcast site. 

Great stuff Ryan!

Ryan's new album is already recorded & the single to be released prio…

Cont'd from yesterdays 'Get Running' ... blunder on the music choice ...

Last night I heard on TV that Soundgarden are starting up again, going to release more music, opening their web-site again and no doubt doing some tours.


Perfect for my 'Get Running' session, I though! Love Soundgarden ... Chris Cornell is pretty cool (with exception of ground zero song on latest album ,,, that's another story) ... they are not quite up there with Pearl Jam but they are up there!

Problem is that there has been Gallery evenings at the shop, HiFi shows, LIVE @ Peoples & Schmidt with Maeve ... and so on & not enough running! This mornings run was tough ... too tough to listen!

Grunge was a bad choice ... good for swinging your long hair side to side to a four count but not for running! Big blunder!

Great band though & can't wait to get my ticket if they tour here!

Start running ... 5 of the albums that accompanied me over the last weeks

In the bad shape I was in, there was only one solution, the Granny-APP 'Get Running' which tells you when to walk, run, start & stop and builds up from a gentle walk to 30 minutes of running over 8 weeks.

The best thing is you can listen to music while you run. The volume reduces occasionally when a very nice ladies voice gives instruction and then returns you to your album ... Great!

So here are my Album tips ...

U2. The Joshua Tree ...

Starts off slowly (like me) with an aura of expectation ... like you are floating, building up to something ... on your way ... perhaps a great journey? Great album ... builds up perfectly then leaves you on a high after that first run ... even the warm down is perfectly timed to the last song which leaves you feeling righteous  ''Mothers of the dissapeared''

Blue Öyster Cult

Loud enough to block out the sound of your heavy breathing, great sound to distract you ... they can play and sing and it's just enough rock to keep up…