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Tommy - ''The Who'' all day long ... (24 Bit)

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Flamin Grovies ... Top 70's rock ...

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What this Scot will be crying to this New Years Eve ...

Click the picture to play Youtube clip ....

This recording was used for the closing scene of the first ''Sex & the City'' film and after allot of searching I ironically found it on Linnrecords.

It then mysteriously vanished off LINN, as it did from Spotify.

Nobody really knows what this Robert Burns poem is referring to but it doesn't really matter. It's from Scotlands most famous poet and is a solid piece of the Scottish New Years tradition ... more and more an international tradition.

I love New Year ....

Wouldn't be Xmas without Shane & Kirsty ...

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Big thanks to all our followers on this blogg and the shop ...

Wishing You all A Merry Christmas
& Happy New Year!

Med Önskan om En God Jul och Ett Gott Nytt År!

// Martin & Gustaf ...

Gogobot update ... ''Play o2 arena as support for Rihanna''

Click O2 Arena photo for Gogobot latest video!

The fantastic electro-pop sensation that is GoGoBot played our opening party in the shop in Gothenburg early summer. Since then they have played Tea-in-the-park and Bestival, played support for JLS and Olly Muirs, Simple Minds and Big Country.

On Wednesday, Gogobot finished off a spectacular year of live performances in style, playing one of the most prestigious UK venues, the London o2 Arena, as pre-band to super star Rihanna.

''I actually helped build the venue back in 1999 (then called the millennium dome), erecting the masts and connecting the cables. I have a fantastic picture on me hanging from a rope at the top of one of the masts ... wasn't as much fun as it looked ...''

Gordon's comment to me after the gig: (Gogobot drummer (Previously in rock band 'Gun'), producer, song-writer & general all round music studio nerd)

''It was a great sound system''

Catellani & Smith ... have entered the building!

If you are having trouble convincing your partner to visit our shop or put up that acoustic panel ... this may help!

Multi LED free-standing lamp and acoustic panel ...

High end Italian lighting company has now joined the show at Peoples & Schmidt.

Single LED light with lens together with a white acoustic panel ...
An installation with function ...

Gold plated half dome with LED lighting ... really really really nice ...

Just the perfect light over the LINN LP12 turntable ..


LINN DS Sofware Update, Davaar 5 Now Available ....

The official software, Davaar 5, for your LINN DS is now available.

- functionality where your LINN DS shows up as an AirPlay device on your iPad/iPhone/Mac for wireless music playback from your device to your LINN DS HiFi.

- Songcaster, The virtual Soundcard marvel from LINN where anything you play on you Mac or PC (Spotify - Youtube - film - music ...) plays straight to your LINN DS HiFi just using the network, no extra cables. Amazing feature that sounds great and makes for a fantastic film streaming solution. perfect for TV4Play ... an much more! Click the picture above to come to LINN software site with full instructions ... or simply open LINN Konfig on your PC/Mac and upgrade each product from there ...

Alternative to Spotify ... CD quality Streaming ...

Click the picture to link to QOBUZ

**Peoples & Schmidt Xmas Offer**

We have a fantastic in-store offer until 31 Dec ... Welcome ...

Bit of cleaning with Henry the Hover & Depeche ...

Stop messing around Glenn ... get that Spotify Premium subscription paid & get using Airplay with LINN on your MacBook ... laugh ..

Sentimental ... well it is leading up to Xmas ...

Forgotten tressure ... The Welsh classic (Budgie) tips from Kent do an on-line report on P&S ...

Big thanks to our partner and supplier of acoustic panels, Akustiktryck and to Håkan from the smart advertising agency for publishingthis on-line article.

These panels have resolved major acoustic problems we had in-store.

To achieve this level of acoustic improvement, whilst simultaneously visually enhancing the look of the bran new store, really shows off the potential of this product for use in any environment.

It provides a hidden acoustic solution for a commercial environment, the tasteful modern home or even the music enthusiast looking for the perfect room acoustics.

We chose black and white prints of the longest living HiFi product in continuous production and widely acclaimed 'worlds best record player' to mark it's 40th Birthday next year but the process also works just as impressively in full colour.

We have tried acoustic panels before, ones you could print on, but had issues with finish and odour. When we received these first Akustiktryck demonstr…

Here is the original but check out Amy Winehouse version :

Event hus Peoples & Schmidt Torsdag 15 Dec från kl 18:30

En kort demonstration av möjligheter med LINN systemen med streaming av musik/film från Spotify/Youtube/NAS (i butiken och remote-PC/VPN) sen en kort demonstration av Blueray/DVD och spel genom PS3.

Ska skynda mig genom va står ovanför för att fortsätter tills ett variant om ''Klanger och Spår''.

''Klanger och Spår''Välkommen till "Klanger och Spår"Klanger och Spår är en sammankomst där vi bjuder in till avnjutande av den vinnande kombinationen musik och folköl.Döpt efter Tomas Tranströmers diktsamling från 1966 vill vi fokusera på det poetiska lyssnandet av väl återgiven musik - förnimmelser, associationer, historier etc står över teknikaliteter.Vi körde en test för några månad sedan med mycket gott utfall. (Härliga öppna samtal, gemensamma vänner upptäcktes, Nobelpris utdelades, etc etc).

Anmäl :

LINN DSM, My test of possibilities ... concentration placed on function rather than optimal performance ...

The kit:

LINN Akurate DSM (not Klimax as shown on pic), Digital Streamer, Pre-amplifier with HDMi (attached with Network cable)
LINN Klimax 320A Speakers

Other equipment:

Samsung 8 Smart TV (film streaming, music streaming, Internet) Toslink to DSM & Wireless Networked
PS3 (Blueray, Gaming, streaming (film, music), internet) Toslink to DSM & Wireless Networked
Apple Macbook, Toslink to DSM & Wireless Networked

First out was IDOL on TV4Play (internet) on Macbook using 3G Modem Worked just perfectly .. of course the sound is a bit thin but it's hard to know how good the source material is. The advertising breaks are always higher volume but even so, they sound just perfect if that's anything to go on. Totally acceptable solution (Wireless mouse & ''sexy'' keyboard helps) and I thoroughly enjoyed IDOL though the guy (so boring I can't even remember his name, technically fantastic but I just don't believe him) should of course went instead of Moa (…

Gordon McNeil ( Rock Drummers have better stamina than Premiership footballers...

Click the above photo to read the full article

Christoffer Berg (Musician, DJ. Producer ... ) music tips ... Spotify

New WebSite for Maeve O'Boyle ... nice!

Always nice to read positive feedback :)

Från: Birgitta ***********
Skickat: den 6 december 2011 09:26
Till: Elizabeth Brännström Jacobson
Ämne: Tack för senast
Hej ElizabethTack för en trevlig lunchträff förra veckan. Alltid inspirerande att se något nytt. Några favoriter finns. Inte minst fascinerande med desa fantastiska ljudanläggningar som bidrar till upplevelsen. Tänk om man hade det så i sin vardag. Hälsa Martin och Gustav. Med vänlig hälsningBirgitta LernvallArkitekt SAR/MSALERNVALLARKITEKT &DESIGNTranslation:Thanks for the nice lunch meeting last week. It's always an inspiration to see new things and there were some favourites, not least, the fantastic music systems which added to the experience. Think to have those (LINN System) in your daily life! Say hello to Martin & Gustaf for me ... Birgitta

Soon Xmas ... Red Red Wine ...

This takes me back ...

Company lunch days leading up to Xmas ... can you help .. laugh ... are you hungry?

The architect day we had on Wednesday was a great success and we want to trial this as a concept leading up to Xmas.

Our partners are Americabaren (Amazing food), Castellani & Smith (amazing lighting), LK Hjelle (Worlds best sofas) & LINN of course.

Your Company or group, small or large, enjoy a fantastic luxury lunch in a great environment and we do a quick 5 minute demonstration with 1 Box & speakers system showing that we can make anything in the home sound better.

First we play Spotify then a music video from Youtube (Using Samsung 8 TV), Songcasted to every room. We then play a short clip from a Blueray Movie then on to a studio Master. To finish we ask one of the audience with an iPhone to connect to our network and play up their own music wirelessly direct from the iPhone (LINN's variation on AIRPLAY) to our LINN DSM.

This takes approximately 5 minutes! You enjoy the great Lunch and we invite you to wonder around our shop and encourage you to listen in the gold room…

''ORB''. A great way to enjoy the music and films on your home server from anywhere in the world!

I stream all my own music/films from my own home computer using my ipad, iphone or laptop (Mac or PC) from anywhere in the world ... even on the move using 3G. Don't you?

Try it out .. it's amazingly good and reliable ... & FREE! (App for Ipad costs 5o Kr or something like that). I even use it to stream kids films from my living-room to my Sons room using the internet (not my home network) ... multi-room film streaming with no cables!

Click the picture above to find out more and to install this system yourself or if you just want everything to work without the hassle ... book us for a home visit, for a modest fee of course!

Your LINN DS can do more than you know ;)