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'RELEASE DAY' - thanks to all whom helped Me along the way & to Stefan for joining Me in the adventure with our independent lable - ROCRED

It's with my greatest pleasure that I announce the release today of Selsius 'First do no harm' to be celebrated tonight with a release party & live concert at Bengans, Gothenburg.



Wednesday, May 25, 20160
Today we are releasing new Exakt filters for the Linn Sekrit IW10 as well as five subwoofer models from B&W and REL.
Exakt support for Sekrit IW10
The IW10 is Linn’s flagship in-wall speaker, offering a powerful yet discreet alternative to free-standing loudspeakers. 

Now thanks to new Exakt filters you can transform Sekrit IW10s and deliver a more natural sounding performance than ever before with an Exaktbox and amplifiers at a range of performance levels.
With an Exaktbox, Sekrit IW10s can be optimised for your customers’ rooms and speaker positions with even greater precision than before thanks to Space Optimisation+. 

Ever tried Space Optimising an in-wall speaker?
Space Optimisation is perfectly suited to the restrictions of in-wall applications.
Simply set the ‘Ideal Position’ in Konfig to your considered best free-standing position in the room, and the ‘Practical Position’ to the in-wall’s actual position, to deliver a dramatic improvement in perform…