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Visar inlägg från september, 2011

Solo's på gång! :)

We set up Klimax Solo mono block power amplifiers today with Akurate 242's & Renew DS ... first without Control (digital internal volume) ... ''not bad'' then with Akurate Kontrol!

Solo's are savage ... total control and they get so much more out of the speakers than any amplifier I have heard!

Come by & have a listen ... interesting to test with and without pre-amplifier!

Gogobot .. you seen them here first .. ''LIVE''

You seen them here first!

Gogobot played LIVE at P&S in 2010 & 2011, have since played everywhere including huge scenes like 'Tea in the park', 'Bestival', 'Rockness' ... and with huge names like 'Heaven 17', 'Simple Minds', 'Big Country', 'JLS' and 'Glasvegas' ...

''Take a chance & dance''!

So what's that TV doing in a LINN shop?

Ljudkällarn have kindly donated the beautiful Samsung 8-series reference networked TV to our shop and will be suppliers of projector & TV products to our customers looking for these products. Please contact us with your requirements.

Ljudkällarn do competent screen installations and carry the most relevant brands for screens available today and will take care of your installation needs with products that integrate with your LINN system. The LINN will of course continue to be installed in person by Peoples & Schmidt.

This cooperation should benefit both our companies, wider audience for high end screens in a prime location for Ljudkällarn, a reliable source of knowledge and product for Peoples & Schmidt customers. Each company is able to concentrate on what they are good at and you, our customer, will have a better choice, better service and can be sure of compatibility between products.

So why does a LINN concept boutique want screens? ;)Well ...

My kindest regards & than…

Oj Oj va snygg!!!!

I was at LINN the whole week but flew home this morning & was treated to a fine surprise when I came to the shop!

Gustaf took delivery of the brand new sofas, puffs & coffee tables. Hand made in Norway, super designed & uses the finest Scottish wools which of course pleases me!

He even made a cracking HiFi table out of the huge vintage beams we took from our ceiling when we raised the roof for our new entrance and solid aluminium sheets that we had anodised in gold ... nice!!

'Klanger och Spår', Wednesday 12th OKT, 7pm ..

Välkommen till "Klanger och Spår"

Klanger och Spår är en månatlig sammankomst där Martin Peoples och Christoffer Berg bjuder in till avnjutande av den vinnande kombinationen musik och folköl.

Döpt efter Tomas Tranströmers diktsamling från 1966 vill vi fokusera på det poetiska lyssnandet av väl återgiven musik - förnimmelser, associationer, historier etc står över teknikaliteter.

Vi körde en test för några veckor sedan med mycket gott utfall. (Härliga öppna samtal, gemensamma vänner upptäcktes, Nobelpris utdelades, etc etc). Nu på onsdag testar vi att skala upp något, samt att spela album i sin helhet.

Det blir lite smått och gott först - på allmän begäran spelas lite work in progress från Svenska Grammofonstudion, samt lite klassiskt, varefter vi kollar in kanske historiens första fusion av elektronisk musik och pop i england, sent 60-tal... Och eventuellt om vi hinner - en Klassiker med stort K!

Välkommen på onsdag! Christoffer Berg....
Christoffer Berg är producen…


Cafe på Bar Dopio, ta-mig .... bråttom att kom till butiken för att gå genom facebook för rekommenderat musik/video klipp! Här finns två st som var bra idag!

Delat av 'Elof pelof'

Delat av Irish Tel (Hans kusin spelas, Vänster). Enkelt inspelat men dom har nått!

P.S. En annan tips var Shakira nya skiva som satt på ''What's New'', Spotify igår! Lyssnat till några st: låter ... super cool!

Butiken idag och skissa lite för nya hemsida!

Stort tack till alla som besökt oss på HiFi mässan i Göteborg föra helg och tack för alla komplimang! Klick bilden ovanför för att titta närmare!

BH // Martin ...

See us at Gothenburg High End this weekend!

We are proud to be presenting LINN HiFi at this weekends High End show at the Opalen Hotel Gothenburg. We will take along a full Klimax system, KDS, KK & 320A (piano white) with a reference LP12 including, machined from solid black Radikal, SE, Urika, Akiva, Keel.

We may, just for fun, take along a pair of M109 & a pair of new Solo's just to show off 'Source First''!

Please join us! BH // Martin & Gustaf


Mässa Homepage:

Saturday 10:00 - 18:00
Sunday 10:00 - 16:00

Day after the night before!

Last night Christoffer Berg hosted the first ''Klanger och Spår'' music evening in our place using a great LINN system and some great vinyl!

Though I have been friends with Christoffer for many years now, seen him play live, talked to him about music ... I thought his presentation last night enforced with great music pieces revealed more about his identity than could otherwise be expressed through any other medium.

Great presentation, great music and great to share the experience with others ... brilliant!

I read a short comment this morning on the net that gave me hope! You may think that from a HiFi shop, the following comment is not what we want to hear but you would be wrong!

''Jämföra apparater är högst sekundärt''! (translation: to compare products, referring to ordinary HiFi events, comes second place)

I get inspired when a group of people sit in my shop and really ''listen to the music'' because at this level it can truly be life…