onsdag 11 december 2013

AVA Media RipnPlay 2TB **New Features**

I plugged in the 'NEW' AVA Media RipnPlay (from 10,000 kr) today. The rest of the system consisted of AVA Maestro-50 (3495 kr) and a pair of LINN Unik speakers (4000 kr), 10 seconds later I opened my UpNp control software from LINN (Kinsky), selected RipnPlay as my player, chose a track and played Mumford & Sons (Babel 24 Bit). BAM!!

The sound stage is amazing, the clarity is amazing, even the timing ... amazing! What an amazing player and remember this is not just a digital streaming UpNp controlled source product but even an automatic ripping NAS with 2TB of on-board storage.

**it's amazingly simple ... anyone can rip their music collection automatically with it and stream to their HiFi after a 30 second demonstration**

The chassis is machine from a single nougat of aluminium and with an anodized finish looks and feels amazing, but this chassis protects from unwanted noise and acts as a heat sink so 'No FANS'.

''Not only does it store all of your music for access from your exclusive LINN system anywhere in the home, it plays too so you can use it simultaneously as an amazing source product for another room.''


The first five people to buy the new 2TB RipnPlay will receive a FREE Maestro-50. Just add speakers!!

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