fredag 15 november 2013

Modern thinking, modern materials and fantastic performance ...

I found this little beauty after a hot tip from Peter Tolebjär in Borås. With wild claims about it's performance on US guitar forums with Martin guitar owners declaring their very expensive HD28's & D35's are lying unused in their cupboards, it seemed worth while  getting a hold of one.

After some research into where I could actually buy this guitar, I tracked it down to St Johnston, Co Donegal, Ireland ... a tiny Irish village and coincidentally birth place to both my Mother & Father (I'm Scottish but I guess you could argue ..)

Quite simply I am forced to buying this amazing piece of innovative Irish craft-work and hopefully will confirm distribution over here after my factory visit on 6th January.

To be honest I haven't played it as much as my own fancy Martin's but I am stunned by how amazingly 'correct' it is! Add the benefits that it rarely needs tuning (doen't expand and contract with air conditions), never needs service to adjust the neck and if you buy it without an internal mike, you can paddle your boat with it, hop up onto the beach and start playing in without any worry of damage!

So even if it wasn't made in my parents village, I'd still buy one and still want distribution! ... I like it allot and I'd say it's a bloody masterpiece. This artist model costs around 16,000 kr and currently 3 months que for construction and delivery. See more from Emerald

Available to play as much as you like from today in the shop.

Also just arrived today .. AKG C414 XL11 matching reference microphones. Testing Soundcraft SE Expression desk! next week and hopefully the new  JBL PRX710
all available to rent or buy from Peoples & Schmidt. We have also taken on Simple Audio from ex LINN technical staff that left to make their own multi room systems. Extremely impressive from 6500 per room plus speakers.

So how good do you think our next LIVE @ Peoples & Schmidt with Emily Barker on 29th November is going to sound? 

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