lördag 9 mars 2013

Music & Beer .. :)

A small brewery has popped up in the old Carnegie house in Gothenburg. Almost one month ago, to the day, they took delivery of some fine Scottish brewing equipment but more importantly on 15 Feb 2013 they started brewing.

So you may ask what has this got to do with me? Well I like beer and I have already tasted Beerbliotek's & it's very good!

If you have followed this blogg you will have seen clips from web based music sessions like www.blackcabsessions.com & www.bandsintransit.com and you may have been aware that I have been busy buying studio equipment and have been thinking of buying a Multivan to pursue a similar project, here in Sweden.

So when I talked to Richard & Adam, co-founders of Beerbliotek, it was very very simple ... forget the Multivan, lets combine two things I love instead - Beer & Music!

Welcome to the new venture from Peoples & Schmidt ...

www.abandinabrewery.com  (site purchased & coming soon).

We have pushed the launch date from 19th March to 13th April as we realised they might not have made enough beer by then for the party, as much of what's already made, is pre-ordered.

As Maeve O'Boyle has been such an ambassador for our shop we thought She should of course be the first on the new project and She kindly accepted our invitation to play, even though Her career has taken a jump from gigs in our shop to gigs at The White House.

Follow Beerbliotek on facebook http://www.facebook.com/Beerbliotek or on their website www.beerbliotek.com

You can also keep an out here for further information ... FUN!

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