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Series 5: The next evolution of hi-fi

We are delighted to introduce Series 5, two incredible new integrated Exakt systems that deliver outstanding performance from a compact design with a highly customisable aesthetic. 

This is a unique concept that has never been possible before, designed to appeal to anyone that loves music and with appeal to even the design conscious. 
Linn 520-white-top-plate,-clay-cover.jpgSeries 5 is perfect for those who have always wanted performance hi-fi but couldn’t find a system that matched their tastes in terms of size and aesthetic.
Now, with Series 5 it is possible to:
  • achieve high performance in a compact design
  • personalise the sound by optimising performance for the speaker, their placement and the room
  • personalise the look of the system to complement the chosen décor or make a bold design statement.

The systems
Linn Series 5 consists of two beautiful systems - the Linn 520 System and the Linn 530 System - both of which are paired with an Akurate Exakt DSM. Featuring brand new designs, the 520 and 530 loudspeakers are the first to have been designed with Exakt technology from the ground up, benefitting from all the design advantages that Exakt provides.
Their drive units are tightly coupled, operating with less volume but higher performance than an analogue system which means that the cabinet sizes are much smaller than normally required for a full range loudspeaker.
Customers choosing the elegant Linn 530 System will experience the power, precision and incredible musical accuracy of a loudspeaker filled with technology - Exakt electronics, 300W of power amps and a formidable Isobarik bass system - all from a discreet 30 litre cabinet size.
And those selecting the little sister, the Linn 520 System, will be treated to all the musicality and finesse of an integrated Linn Exakt speaker from a chic and compact 20 litre design.
Both systems have beautiful jewel-cut glass top plates and stands in a choice of three finishes - grey, white or black.

Linn Fabrik
Series 5 features a new textile speaker covering - Linn Fabrik - which has been designed to provide an elegant, contemporary and customisable look. 

Textiles offer incredible versatility, but it’s only now through the development of Linn Fabrik and the use of Linn’s intelligent Exakt technology that it has been possible to create a fabric covered music system that delivers exceptional sound.
The three new Linn Fabriks have been selected for their acoustic and aesthetic properties and are available in eleven different colours. A completely new manufacturing process was developed to secure the position of the Linn Fabrik on the loudspeaker and prevent it from vibrating. Once fitted to the speaker, the loaded settings for each Linn Fabrik allow Exakt to eliminate the effect of its frequency-dependent absorption as well as the acoustic resistance that it adds to the drive units.

Limitless personalisation options
Series 5 launches with the first Linn Fabrik collection consisting of three stylish weaves and eleven beautiful colours.  With a variety of subtle and bright tones, and the ability to change the cover whenever it is desired, there’s a Linn Fabrik to complement the décor of any home.

We will regularly create different Linn Fabrik collections with exciting new partners and in early 2016, we are delighted to announce Linn Fabrik collections from Timorous Beasties and Harris Tweed Hebrides.

Optimised Performance For The Speaker, Its Placement And The Room 

The options for personalisation don’t end with how the system looks; using Linn’s Space Optimisation+ technology, Series 5 speakers can be placed wherever they look best, removing the usual need to place speakers in the optimal position for sound quality. This powerful software allows customers to put their speakers where they choose and also removes the unwanted distorting effects that every room exerts, revealing the true sound of the music.

Additional covers, tops plates and stands are available to order. 

A powerful speaker visualiser tool is available on the Linn website to help customers decide on the specification for their new system by allowing them to view the Linn 520 and Linn 530 loudspeakers dressed in any of the Linn Fabrik covers, with any top plate and stand - white, black or grey.

Series 5 Speakers (for use with Exakt ready DS or DSM products)
530 Speaker :- 128,600 SEK
520 Speaker :- 91,400 SEK
530 Speaker packaged with Akurate Exakt DSM :-158,600

520 Speaker packaged with Akurate Exakt DSM :-121,400


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