onsdag 15 januari 2014

While in Ireland ...

I signed a distribution agreement with an exclusive hand crafted guitar manufacturer and I mean hand crafted. No CNC machines used in either the mould or the finished products ... even the intricate carving which can be a simple inscription or as dramatic as dragons on every detail like Alistair done with the worlds most famous guitar for Asian rock god Leehom Wang

What's clear is that it is the work of a genius. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ezb61qlYi9o&list=UUIBu_0e2tTKeunQbb4mmDUA&feature=c4-overview

The following clip shows a rather tamer looking guitar from Alistair, my favourite, the X20-0s artisan acoustic, one of which we received in November.

For Peoples & Schmidt this is a step closer to our passion of music: playing, recording and playback. It's another step in the goal for our shop where you can play an instrument, record it and instantaneously listen back to it in full studio master in one of our 5 demo rooms. It's a unique concept where you can experience the music industry in one shop from the instrument, LIVE music the microphone (the converters) and the playback all in the one shop: all the products in the shop are available to test properly and purchase. It's purely music performance based, using the latest technology and it's incredible fun to work with. We even have a new Studio Master music site launching (oncloud32) so you can buy the finished product - music!

Emerald Guitars was founded and is run by Alistair, a humble yet incredible innovator with some serious talent for the material carbon fibre, craftsmanship (more specifically art/sculpture) and musical instruments. 

This next clip shows the travel guitar X5 which I never played but held in the factory. For serious guitarists that want to take their guitar on a boat, camping or summer house without the fear of damage from damp conditions, this is extremely practicable. I think it will be a studio favourite used for intricate recordings as it's just incredibly clear, neutral (correct) and precise without the problems when miking larger guitars. 

Ironically Alistair leaned His craft in the insanely noisy but exclusive world of Formula 1 boat racing which, is of course at the cutting edge with both design and use of the latest materials.

With the talent and courage to be radically innovative with products that, due to sound improvements created from extraordinary measures, Alistair's guitars look radically different thus run the risk of scaring the traditionalists so it's important they deliver sonically. 

Alistair's success with His products is driven entirely by performance, no matter how different it may look, if it sounds better it goes into the guitar. The radical designs work and most exciting of all He is not afraid to change and improve on designs, actually every improvement He finds is immediately incorporated into the very next guitar. He proudly declares :

''The next guitar I make will be the best one I have ever made''

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