lördag 8 februari 2014

Thanks to those that came to our "music streaming made easy day"

I will probably do more of these so please email me if you are interested. Nice to meet new people, get feedback and nice to get such positive response for Linn's streaming technology.

We covered today.
- Recording live (guitar) in the shop then instant playback through Linn ds in 24 bit 96.
- Opening a brand new ds player and playing music within two minutes.
- AVA ripnplay ripper/nas/player. Today we loaded both music and film to it and also ripped a CD. Music we streamed direct with Linn Ds (and with party mode) from MP3 to 24 192. Film (pearl jam documentary), we streamed directly using a smart tv with sound of course through Linn.
- Played music & film on iPad and using airplay, the audio came through our Linn.
- Played Spotify & Youtube on a windows PC and using Linn Songcast (audio sent through network) listened through our Linn which had no physical cable attached to PC (Linn's own "virtual sound card"). This also showed an improvement on using Songcast vs airplay.

Only hick-up ... Couldn't find either my tv or ps3 remote! Typical :) Lucky Samsung has an app which I sneakily downloaded to access the TV's smart functions ;)

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