lördag 22 februari 2014

That's the band moved in then ... permanently :)

From today we have a full rig on permanent demonstration in the shop including instruments, Fender Bas/guitar, Martin Guitars, Emerald Guitars, Drum Kit, Soundcraft Mix desk, Lynx Aurora interface, Golden Age, Reference AKG Mikes, (Stefan will pop in with His Neumann & Shure & when we get VERY serious Musicamatic will join us with some extraordinary vintage gems) and more.

Stefan & I are mid way through testing cable combinations and mikes (with some outrageous results) with the intention of having the 'correct' gear combination for the task. So now you can sing in our back room studio or main room and listen back immediately on a fantastic LINN system.

Our recordings will all be available on my new 24 Bit music download site for you to enjoy and of course that includes abandinabrewery & the gigs in our shop.

The entire chain of hand-chosen products, from the recording rooms through to the LINN playback system, the servers & special custom computers we use will be available for purchase.

The funny thing is even though it is a 'state of the art' studio, you will hardly know it's there! Smart solutions can both sound better & blend in with the room. For example our mix desk, with motorised faders & digital effects is controlled with an app. LINN of course is app controlled and our new range of oncloud32 branded mini-super-fast solid state PC's are the size of your hand.

NOW!!! We are getting somewhere ...

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