onsdag 17 april 2013

''abandinabrewery'' off to a great start ...

Many thanks first to Maeve O'Boyle & Gordon McNeil for a fantastic performance. It was great to hear some songs from Maeve's first album ''All My Sins'' & of course some from the upcoming album ''Being Patient''.

A big thanks to the owners and staff at ''Beerbliotek'' Professional job, great venue and I have to say ... fantastic beer though maybe I shouldn't have had seven of them ... ooops! Thanks to Stearin Bar & Restaurant that catered the event.

Thanks to MUG for the help with PA system and of course to everyone that attended and made it the special evening it was. Special thanks to Andy & Dave whom respectively brought allot of friends with them and gave me great encouragement. We have a couple of HD recordings sent for edit and of course mix/master of the audio and will be sharing that with you all at a later date.

Maeve O'Boyle ... doesn't matter how many times I see Her live or listen to Her rehearsing in my living room ... She still freaks me out. AMAZING!!

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