tisdag 9 april 2013

LIVE Event update 02:

**Please note we have now 38 booked for 'abandinabrewery' and many more saying they are coming from social media. There are just 50 spaces.  It's first to pay that gets on the list so please get down to the shop if you want to join us or sms/call me**

If you are one of our regulars whom have already reserved a space and arranged to pay on the night, ignore the above, you are on our list!

Abandinabrewery launch event this Saturday 13th April 7:30 pm with Maeve O'Boyle LIVE

Tickets 250 Sek, include a vegetarian meal prepared by Stearin (weeks restaurant in Gothenburg post), a luxury beer from Gothenburg's New Micro-brewery Beerbliotek and of course. Bar open for refills!

Doors open 7:30pm. Location: Beerbliotek, Klippan, Gothenburg.

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Emily Barker (LINN artist) LIVE at Peoples & Schmidt Wednesday 17th April, 7:30 pm

Tickets 200 Sek with refreshments provided or bring your own (no red wine please). Doors open 7:30pm. Location, our shop Linnegatan 5, Gothenburg.

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Tickets payable in advance to our shop (no cards please) unless arranged with me otherwise. All enquires to martin@peoplesandschmidt.com or call me on 0760071281

FUN!!! Warm welcome ...

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