torsdag 10 april 2014

Intensive music days!

It's been a roller-coaster 10 days with music & HiFi.

Marina, Toytownrecords latest signing, literally blew us away with a spontaneous couple of songs in the shop using my new Emerald guitar. She is a pianist & not ''supposed'' to be able to play guitar but 'NOT BAD'!

Stefan, my Thursday night recording companion, set up the rack ... we placed some of our fancy mikes and made a pretty good recording of Marina. Stefan has done a great mix, which was waiting on me this morning & sounds lovely. No tricks but rather just one amazing artist sounding like She sounds ...

Friday & Saturday I was in Copenhagen with LINN HiFi but I'll tell you more about that later in the month. Gordon (producer), Lewis (AKA 'Scope'), Marina and Selsius (our Gothenburg signing) took over my shop. Together with Henryk Lypp Gordon has finally managed to finish the epic Selsius album in our back room. Several tracks over 10 minutes long and with over 50 tracks in a single song ... try mixing that? I'm delighted to say it's brilliant so pop down if you want a sneak preview.

I got rid of the musicians yesterday and already long for them ... but they are back soon.

17th & 18 we are of course host to Maeve O'Boyle & Good Harvest so if you want tickets please contact me. 8th of May is a huge event in our new premises at Americahuset with SCOPE & Marina LIVE. Email if you would like to join us ..

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