torsdag 18 december 2014

Lossless streaming plug-in for your LINN

Tidal Lossless Streaming Service – Now Integrated in to Linn DS and available in Sweden       

Great news for Linn DS customers old and new. As of this afternoon, Tidal, a lossless streaming music service is now integrated with the Linn range of DS and DSM players.

This major step change provides integration of Tidal’s 25 million songs in to the Linn Kazoo interface, available on PC, Mac and iPad*. Kazoo will need to be upgraded to the newest version any existing DS owners will need to upgrade to the latest version of software through Konfig.

*The iPad app update has been submitted to Apple, but is not yet available on the app store. We are expecting this in the next few days!

To make matters better we are offering a free

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TIDAL now integrated into Linn DS

TIDAL’s new lossless music streaming service is now integrated into all Linn DS players.

This fantastic new feature means that all existing and new Linn DS owners can stream over 25 million tracks at CD-quality, directly through their system.

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