måndag 29 december 2014

Gothenburgs NEWEST HiFi manufacturer ... yes we made it!

So how good can a product this tiny actually be ... I'm just gonna say there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that it is seriously high end and the response from early-listeners has been awesome! Be the judge and listen to it by booking an appointment at Linnegatan 5. email: martin@peoplesandschmidt.com

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- Networked device with UpNp playback with up to 24 bit 192 playback (Wirelessly controlled from any UpNp iPad/tablet app)
- Airplay (play music wirelessly from iPad, iPhone iTouch)
- Bluetooth (play music from any Bluetooth device)
- IR (can be used with IR control)
- Digital in (connect your TV. We connect multiple HDMi devices to the TV then a single digital out to the player thus keeping cables tidy, fewer inputs to select through and of course the audio never leaves the digital domain)
- The chassis is machined from a single nougat of solid aluminum. This technique gives perfect shielding, rigidity, tolerances and of course looks and feel. This is the ultimate solution and we are using it!

- DSP with 4* digital out. What is DSP? Well to keep things simple it's processing capable of digital filtration and effects. Each output can have filter setting so you you eliminate lossy and noisy  analogue filters in your speakers by simply not using them. The player supports up to 4 way speakers and we have chosen to work with the amazing Maestro-50 2-channel digital amplifier (of the same form of a beautiful minimalist set-up).
Of course you can program the outputs however you want so you could single-amp, bi-amp, trip-amp, quad-amp or go fully active with your speakers. You could use it for eight full range speakers for a shop fit for example! The filters also help with painful room acoustics and can even correct for differences in manufacturing. FUN!

So this is a player supporting anything you want to do with digital music, it's a pre-amp in the digital domain and supports direct connection of up to 4 stereo power amps. If you want to add more .. we can fix that!

Here are a few pictures from the design and testing ... the finished product is now fully anodized in black with our logo laser-etched and the proud label ''Made in Gothenburg''.

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