torsdag 11 december 2014

Big thanks to all whom attended at the weekend and gave us their support and special thanks of course to Vena Portae and their Support Band Selsius

We have been making many changes over the last month and now how a fully functional music recording studio and guitar room.

There is now a cinema screen on the LINN exact system with LP12 in the main room and in the back dem room we have our own 'GÖTT AUDIO' music system comprising GÖTT AUDIO DS-player/Airplay/bluetooth/DSP and multiple Maestro Amplifiers on demo (just now with Majik 140's). Come and have a listen and get your order in.

Our HiFi at designer Love Hulten's Los Angeles design exhibition

The Control Room Window Goes In & Vocal Booth beyond ...

Custom Emerald X20 Guitar Arrives

Piano Wallnut Akubarik at our Makajo Showrom

Prototype of Love Hulten design and our 'GÖTT AUDIO Player'

The First 'Gött Audio' chassis arrives, machined from solid

Projection for 'Vena Portae LIVE in the shop

Testing Klimax Exakt 350A

The Guitar Wall & Room

Two Rock Stars

LIVE room adjustment with Exakt

New LP12 Work Bench

Organ Pipes

Elvis Vintage Radio

Recording in the main room

The New Scene

An extra dem room and recording space

The Scene looking into the guitar room

New Build Text

Selsius Soundcheck

New Branding & Xmas tree

New Reference AKG C12 Recording Mike

New Branding

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