torsdag 12 september 2013

''LIVE'', up close & personal this Friday 13th @ Peoples & Schmidt. Maeve O'Boyle, Ryan MacDowell, SCOPE, Selsius

Warm welcome tomorrow evening, Friday from 6:30 pm to an extra special event headlined by Maeve O'Boyle.

She has played for the Pope (+100,000 audience), played 'The Whitehouse' and is embarking on a staggering 41 concert tour to promote Her new album and ending the tour on an amazing stage, New York Times Square.

Email me if you want to come this Friday. Limited availability.

Official Video of Maeve singing the song that got her the invite to The Whitehouse. PLAY

There will be a very modest entrance cost of 150 Sek which includes a couple of free drinks (more you can buy at 30sek) and some fabulous pre-bands from

(Glasgow) SCOPE:
(Glasgow) Ryan MacDowell:
Gothenburg) Selsius:

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