tisdag 10 september 2013

''LIVE'', up close & personal this Friday 13th @ Peoples & Schmidt. Maeve O'Boyle, Ryan MacDowell, SCOPE, Selsius

Warm welcome this Friday from 6:30 pm to an extra special event headlined by Maeve O'Boyle.

She has played for the Pope (+100,000 audience), played 'The Whitehouse' and is embarking on a staggering 41 concert tour to promote Her new album and ending the tour on an amazing stage, New York Times Square.

Email me martin@peoplesandschmidt.com if you want to come this Friday. Limited availability.

Official Video of Maeve singing the song that got her the invite to The Whitehouse. PLAY

There will be a very modest entrance cost, a couple of free drinks (more you can buy at cost price) and some fabulous pre-bands from www.toytownrecords.com

(Glasgow) SCOPE: http://www.toytownrecords.com/scope/
(Glasgow) Ryan MacDowell: http://www.toytownrecords.com/ryan-macdowell/
Gothenburg) Selsius: http://www.toytownrecords.com/selsius/

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