torsdag 26 september 2013

40th Birthday. Limited Edition 'Highland park' Whiskey LP12 and brand new sub-chassis - release date 21 Sept 2013.


The Kore sub-chassis and armboard is designed for extra rigidity, and removal of unwanted damping, making it a perfect performance upgrade for your Sondek LP12 turntable.

It follows the design philosophies of the Keel, but delivering a solution at Akurate level.
The sub-chassis is strengthened by a multilayer, box construction, using 1.5mm thick aluminium. Three parts are bonded together using a special Linn-specified adhesive together to form an incredibly stiff structure, whilst keeping the weight low.
The armboard is now machined from solid using a similar process to Keel, with strengthening ribs on the underside, providing the ultimate in stiffness and rigidity. This is then bonded to a the sub-chassis so that the assembly now exhibits the properties of a single piece. The arm now has a direct connection to the bearing, as the arm collar is bolted directly to the sub-chassis.

Click HERE for Highland Park, Limited edition LP12

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